Forgotten Jewellery and Suit Accessories That Make All the Difference to Your Formal Look

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Whether you’re a fan of wearing suits yourself or are thinking of different ways to amplify a loved one’s formal look, we can all agree that suits look incredible. They’re sleek, they’re elegant and they look good on everyone; the only struggle is finding the best way to stand out from the crowd. Whenever we put a suit on, if it’s for work or for a formal event, we always try to look our best. With so much competition for attention, it’s tough to make an impact but I’ve got the answer – jewellery and accessories. In every outfit, the little details are what take your look from good to great and
formal looks are no different! Whilst most people rely on the same old earrings, necklaces and cufflinks, I think it’d be helpful to bring up some of the less common suit accessories and jewellery items that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Lapel Pin

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are a commonly forgotten detail in the suit accessory repertoire, which is silly considering they’re one of the only jewellery pieces that are easily transferred between both men and women’s formalwear. Lapel pins are usually quite simple, sleek metal pins which are secured onto the lapel of the suit jacket. They primarily come in gold or silver, which means that no matter the colour scheme of your outfit, you can usually find one that works. The major reason why lapel pins made it onto this list is that they are a brilliant way of adding your own touch to your outfit. There are countless different lapel pin designs, making it easy to add something unique and different to your formal ensemble which you wouldn’t usually be able to show off because of all the rules around formalwear and suits. It’s a perfect addition!

Tie Clip
Tie Clips

Whilst it’s uncommon for women to wear ties with their suits, it definitely does happen, though tie clips are still more of a male-focused item. From a practical point of view, tie clips are meant to secure the tie to the shirt, ensuring that it doesn’t get displaced or thrown around whilst you move.
From an aesthetic perspective, the tie clip is a great opportunity to add an extra level of depth and interest to your formal outfit. There are a huge variety of tie clips out there, some in gold, some in silver and some in black, each featuring different colours and designs which can adapt to your ensemble and your needs. It’s a surprise that tie clips aren’t used more often considering their versatility. If you’re looking to pick up a gift or enhance your own suit, there’s no harm in picking up a well-chosen tie clip.


As we’ve looked at a male-centric item, it would only be fair to mention a female-centric one too. When it comes to formalwear, there is a massive focus on elegance and minimalism, which is great but also limits our choice of jewellery and accessories. We continually focus on earrings, rings and
necklaces but then stop there and don’t go any further; why not add bangles into the mix? Bangles can be just as elegant and minimalist as the other formal accessories just mentioned and if that’s not the effect you’re going for, there are plenty of different types of bangle that will probably work with your needs. There’s really no reason not to wear bangles to complete your outfit.

With any luck, this brief guide will have given you some great ideas to pack your suit or formal outfit that little bit more special. Go out and make an impact!

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