Herbalife: Samantha Clayton’s 21 day Challenge

For the next 21 day’s I will be taking part in Samantha Clayton’s 21 day challenge with Herbalife. Now before you jump to conclusions, no, this is not an attempt of “New year, New me!”, after losing a stone in weight last year I have been struggling to shift the remaining weight so I will be following a Herbalife nutrition diet whilst following the ‘Beginners’ work out videos.

Herbalife workout

The challenge focuses on two groups Beginners like myself who has forgotten what a workout even feels like! And the fit to fitter, those who already have that active lifestyle but could do with a boost to burn off the Christmas food. Each day you will have to follow a 10 minute High intensity workout video with Samantha, as a beginner the first 14 days will be getting used to working out and getting into a routine and then for the remaining 14 days the difficulty level will be raised to push us harder for those weight loss results.

Samantha Clayton is a senior director for Herbalife but she is also an ex-Olympic UK sprinter, so certainly knows her stuff when it comes to health and fitness, rather than the reality TV flop DVDs you have probably already seen everywhere.

In any bid to become healthier, fitter or in weight loss, diet is key. I previously followed a Herbalife weight loss plan years ago and honestly it worked for me, that is the main reason I agreed to accept this challenge. I want to tone up and lose that Christmas weight so I will be following a healthy diet using the Herbalife products.

Eating plan template:


– Coffee
Formula 1 Shake

Mid Morning Snack:

– Piece of fruit


– Formula 1 shake
– Vegetable Snack

Mid afternoon snack:

Herbalife Protein bar


A normal dinner that is healthy and low in fat.

For 21 days I will be giving up sugar so no sweet treats or fizzy drinks, I will be avoiding fast food and take aways. I will be increasing my water in take using the Herbal Aloe concentrate and replacing all my other daily coffees with the herbal beverage with tea extracts, basically green tea with the same effect as coffee! But I will be allowing myself one little cheat meal or treat a week!

Herbalife products

For me this is quite a drastic change in diet so can guarantee after a couple days I am going to be a rather grouchy Abi! Getting into the habit (and squeezing the time in!) for the daily work outs will be a challenge but I am determined to ace this challenge!

Update: You can join me on this 21 day challenge by following the 10 minute videos entirely for free here

I will be posting my updates of my challenge over on my instagram so if you are not following me already click here!

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Disclosure: I have been gifted herbalife products as part of this collaboration with herbalife and immediate PR

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