Ciaté Glitter Flip Lipsticks

Ciaté glitter flip vault was just one of the many beauty items I treated myself over the festive period. Honestly I’m terrible at present shopping, I ended up buying for myself as well!

The glitter flip collection is another hyped cosmetic you will see all over your social media, I fell under the spell of the marketing videos and purchased the vault. I kinda feel a little bitter with myself for not waiting for the sales as I paid £29.50 for my vault and now in the sales it has gone down to £11.80, I cried a little internally when I saw.

Ciaté glitter flip trouble

The glitter flip is the hottest lipstick to hit the beauty industry, they are matte lipsticks that transforms into a glitter lipstick by simply pressing your lips together, it’s magic! Since their arrival I have not stop playing with them and showing them off. You get a nice variations of colours in the vault from a nude through to a deep red (perfect for me!).

Abigail kathleen glitter flip forbidden

The lipstick texture is thick and a little sticky so a little does go a long way, theres honestly no need to layer it on. Once you have applied the lipstick you need to allow it to fully dry for at least a minute before you ‘pop’ the glitter by pressing your lips together.

The Glitter flip lipstick is cruelty free, Vegan and free from plastic so certainly has my seal of approval. I have also watched the Jeffree Star review over on YouTube, I know he can be quite the controversial character but he doesn’t hold back and is entirely honest, plus I just love his YouTube channel.

I have uploaded to videos demonstrating the different colours and technique over on my IGTV channel, head over to Abigail Kathleen on instagram to check those out and to give me a little follow.


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