My hand bag essentials

A question a woman is frequently asked, “why do you have such a big bag?” Or “what on earth do you have in here?!” A woman’s basically carries around her life in her hand bag. There are so many essentials we need to take with us everywhere so I thought I would share with my very own handbag essentials! Other than the must haves such as my purse, Oyster card and doors keys, what else do I lug about with me!

I have a bottle of hand sanitiser everywhere, in my bag, on my work desk, on my home desk, everywhere. I hate getting ill so I do whatever I can to keep the germs away, especially when you are out about touching hand rails, bus poles and door handles, another reason is when you are using a bathroom and theres no hand wash! You can get little bottles of Carex hand sanitiser in various fragrances and they do not break the bank at 99p a bottle.

Carex hand sanitiser

I am very short sighted, I can’t leave the house without either wearing my glasses or lenses. If I’m just wearing my glasses I usually just have lens wipes in my bag but I have my lenses in I have to ensure I have a lens case with fresh solution in and my glasses just in case my lenses irritate me and need to remove them. I also have a bottle of optrex eye spray to relieve any dryness.

Abigail kathleen Balmain glasses

Power pack! Being a blogger and a social media manager at work I blitz through my phone battery so quickly! So if I am out and about I have a power pack in my bag to recharge.

Abigail kathleen power pack

Re-useable straws! I am trying to be mindful of single use plastic starting with straws. I carry around my pack of re-useable straws from Essentially Eco, you get six straws in a bag with a cleaning brush, takes no time at all to clean them.

Essentially eco straws

Tampons and Pads, our cycles are never reliable so it is always good to be prepared. I store mine in a cute bag sent to me from PinkParcel.


Tissues, nothing worse than randomly getting the sniffles or getting stuck in a toilet with no tissues! My mother drilled it into me that you should never leave the house without a pack of tissues.


Hairbrush and spare bands for the hair emergency!


My Sniph dispenser! I do not leave the house without it. Sniph is a monthly subscription that sends you a new perfume to try every month! They do collections for both men and women. In December I was sent To The Fairest – Cécile.

Rebecca Rose is the creative talent who’s worked with everything from vintage, to art and design. Now she steps into the perfume industry with her brand To The Fairest, which draws inspiration from Greek mythology and its unforgettable goddesses. The first scent, Cécile, is seductive and powdery. Melting wax topped with cloves. Sensual.

The fragrance reminds me of an exotic paradise, a truly lovely perfume, my mum loved it so much I bought her her very own Trending Now subscription starting with Cecil, if you would like to give Sniph a try use my code ‘Abigail5’ to save £5 on your first month!

Sniph perfume

My chosen lipstick of the day.

Lastly, and the most important, my earphones! Music is life, that is all.

So mystery no more, they are my handbag essentials! What’s you handbag must have? What can’t you leave the house without? Other than obvious of course!

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Disclosure: Sniph fragrances are gifted to me as well as the eco essentials reusable straws.

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