Beauty: My Signature Look

A little while ago I put it out to my instagram followers what kind of content would they like to see more of on here and IG, you guys asked for more beauty posts. I kinda stopped the beauty posts as I tend to just wing my make up! I just have a play and hope for the best! Today I thought I would share with you which products I use to achieve my signature classic look!

Starting with the base after I have cleansed and allowed the moisturiser to sink in I start with L’Oréal’s Infallible pore refining primer. A good primer should be your first step with any make up look, primer protects your skin from the make up soaking in and suffocating your skin. If you have problematic skin (as I have) try to avoid using a oil based primer, visit your local beauty hall in boots and/or Debenhams and ask for various samples of water based primers and see which one works for you. I no longer battle acne and find the Infallible pore refiner works perfectly for me.

L’Oréal’s Infallible pore refine primer

Now you think I’ll be applying the foundation next? No, eye make up first! Using cosmetic tape to create a straight edge from the corner of my eye to the end of my eye brow. The tape helps you achieve the perfect winged eye, also collects the loose eye shadow. I am Revolution make up obsessed, I just love their products, so I have the 2018 144 eyeshadow palette, I tend to use just the neutral/brown shades, thats my go to for my brown eyes.

Nude eye shadows

I switch up my shades regularly, for a day time look I would chose two similar matte shades, a lighter beige for the lid and then a darker brown to blend into the crease. For a night time look I would opt for shimmer shades and a third darker colour for the out corner and then a highlighter for the inner corner. For the winged eyeliner I use Revolution’s renaissance eye liner, it is super dark pigmented and doesn’t smear or budge, down side to that is if you mess up you have to start from scratch! To finish up I use Givenchy’s Noir Couture Mascara which lifts and adds volume to my lashes.

Revolution renaissance eye linerGivenchy noir couture mascara

Because it’s all about the base, ’bout the base… Ok moving on.

My choice of foundation and concealer is the very hyped Revolution’s conceal and define, it is so worth the hype! It’s the perfect light weight texture and its buildable so you are in control of your coverage! As I’m rather pale, I opt for F3 and I have both C3 & C4 in concealer, which one I use depends on how much eye bag I’m trying to hide.

Revolution conceal and define

So our base and eyes are done, next I add shape and colour to my face with contouring, blush and highlight. I use a mixture of Collections contouring crayon in light and baked bronzing powder from revolution to add shape and glow to my oval face. I apply the crayon first under my cheeks, chin line, sides of my nose bridge and along my temples and blend out using a kabuki flat top brush. Using a large angled brush I apply the baked bronzer over the blended crayon for added colour and glow.

My choice of blusher for this look is Divage’s perlamour blusher pearls in rose beige and Revolution Golden Illuminations highlighter.

Divage perlamour blusher pearls Revolution baked bronzer and golden highlighter

So the finishing touch is the lipstick! I have hundreds of lipsticks, it’s probably slightly ridiculous but for this look I opted for my classic red, Nostalgia by Revolution Make up, a long lasting matte lipstick. I prefer matte lipsticks due to the their staying power as I hate touching up my make up, but problem with that matte lippies can dry your lips out so I pop a little lip balm on before bed to keep my lips hydrated.

Final touch, the fixer! My holy grail of my make up collection. Revolutions Sport fix extra hold fixing spray. Firstly I would NOT recommend wearing make up to the gym, fixer or not, you are just asking for bad skin and blemishes, but for the idiots that do, this is designed to make your hard work, sweat proof so my make up lasts all day!

That’s my signature go to look! What’s your go to signature look?

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