Abi Explores: Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has always held a special place in my heart, it brings out my inner child and it just makes me happy! As a late birthday treat my friend Helen and I booked a last minute three day trip to Disneyland Paris.

Abigail Kathleen Disneyland paris

This was my sixth trip to Disneyland, I first fell in love in 2008 when I attended a media conference with my A – level class. Although we had to attend conferences and activities we still had a lot of time to explore the parks and enjoy the rides. Back then it was a hell of a lot cheaper, though being 17 and on spending money my mother had saved to give me it was still expensive. I fell in love with the rides, the continuous happy music, the parades and shows, the adrenaline junkie in me (well to an extent) thoroughly enjoyed the rides. It was my first trip abroad so I will always hold fond memories of the trip…despite the class I went with being total cows. They were genuinely bullies with a smile, being my first trip abroad and being crippled with social anxiety my emotions were on edge, the group I was with kept abandoning me, I remember hiding in a toilet absolutely sobbing my heart out in panic and fear as I was in a new place, totally alone.

Abigail Kathleen with Goofy

I found myself on several occasions sitting with teachers being soothed with hot chocolate, but when the girls did decide to play nice I got to enjoy the rides, my favourite, even to this day, is Aerosmith’s Rock n Roller-coaster. Sadly Disney has plans to change the rollercoaster into ironman ride I believe, whilst feeling disappointed with this, I also understand. Music and trends have changed and unfortunately Aerosmith is no longer relatable to Disney’s target audience.

Another ride that totally terrified me and but left me buzzing afterwards was the tower of terror. I came of this ride buzzing but ultimately bruised! 17 year old Abi was a rather skinny minnie so the seatbelt provided to go around the waist was incredibly loose, let me explain why this was a problem. Tower of terror, if you haven’t already heard of it, is based from the old TV show, The Twilight Zone. It is set in an cursed art deco styled New York hotel and the ride itself is a malfunctioning lift (elevator), when you are seated into the elevator with a number of other riders, you are lifted up to a series of levels to tell you a story, with ghostly mirror and light effects, suddenly the lift you are is “struck” by lightening, it shakes and then drops, sending you brutally up and down this elevator shaft. So yeah having a loose seatbelt meant I spent a lot of the time floating above my seat and slamming into it, I’m not really selling this am I? but when it was all over I had the most intense adrenaline rush, it was epic.

My second trip to Disneyland Paris was a gift from myself to my sister for her 18th birthday, we had a wonderful time, my sister really appeared to enjoy herself, but unknown to any of us, she was really ill, in the video I made below you can see she is always fatigued and a little spaced. Out of privacy for my sister I won’t go into detail, but as a result her memories of our Disneyland trip is very faded to her, she saw a picture of her and Minnie on our living room wall, but can’t recall it.

As the trip has become no longer special I took her again to celebrate her 21st birthday and went all out for her. This time I treated her to a surprise character birthday meal in cafe Mickey, where I had to remind the staff several times as they had forgot our booking, a while after our meal Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto came out with a very large birthday cake to wish her a happy birthday. I had never seen her glow so red in my life! but deep down she loved the fuss and we lived of cake for the rest of our trip!
One of our evenings was spent at Mickey’s wild west show in the Disney Village, a, well you can guess, a wild west show featuring cowboys and Indian’s,  animals such as horses, cows, sheep and bulls…I think, all whilst you enjoyed a western themed three course meal. I had lucked out with our tickets we had front row seats and during the show they invite members of the audience to shoot a target, I of course made a total tit of myself to get them to select Tiffany, and it worked! Off she went in her mini skirt into the dusty  arena with a clown (weird addition I know) to shoot a gun at a target, she was given her bullet shell as a souvenir! 

Tiffany at the Wild West show Disneyland paris

Abigail and Tiffany at Wild West show Disneyland parisSurprise cake at Disneyland paris with MinnieDisneyland paris abigail and Tiffany with goofy

So that’s three trips! The other two trips was with an ex boyfriend, and boy they both have their stories but I’m not taking a trip down that memory lane. Sometimes life is just simpler just leaving some stories in the past, don’t you agree?

Plus this post is becoming a lot longer than I anticipated, I hope I haven’t bored you yet! Stay with me!

Disneyland Paris 2018, we had chosen to go on the quiet three days while the parks transition from Halloween to Christmas. The day we arrived at the park, we were all layered up for mid winter with our fluffy socks, boots jeans and multiple jumpers…..it was 20’c….we were SWEATING. Our three days cost us £409, we stayed at The New York Hotel, we opted for the connecting trains rather than the direct Eurostar to save a couple hundred, and our package came with free half board. During my last 5 trips to Disneyland it was standard to have your continental breakfast at the hotel you were staying in, so far I have stayed in:

  • The Cheyenne
  • The Santa Fe
  • The New York
  • The Newport Bay

This was the first trip to Disney were you had to pay EXTRA to have breakfast in your own hotel otherwise you had to trek it along to the other side of the Dineyland Park, through the village, past the station, skimming fantasyland into the discovery land to queue amongst hundreds of others from every single hotel (bar the disneyland hotel, if you can afford that then yeah who cares) to queue up for your quick service breakfast which i can’t remember what the options were but I remember feeling disgusted and just saw red. £409 but three days but I can’t have breakfast in my own hotel?!?! This in my eyes just made Disney absolute con artists. Breakfast in my hotel was an additional €14, how can families fork that out on top of what they have already paid? I honestly feel the directors of Disneyland Paris need to rethink this change, it will put off a lot of families going as everywhere you turn in the park all you see is €€€
Fortunately we discover that we could use our breakfast pass against the bill for breakfast in the American Diner Annettes, if i’m on holiday I want a lavish breakfast, and Annettes delivered. Bacon, eggs, sausage (well hot dog), beans, toast and pancakes with orange juice and coffee, once our breakfast voucher had been deducted we only had to contribute €2 for our breakfast, I couldn’t grumble about that.

Annettes diner breakfast
I was soo hungry I forgot to take a picture before I tucked in!

As we had gone on those certain three days, we were virtually walking on to every ride. We discovered rides we hadn’t been on before, I got to experience Hyper space mountain since it’s introduction and ride the most recent addition to the park Ratatouille, a totally immersive ride which left me jaw dropped and mostly likely didn’t pick up until 20 minutes after the ride, it was incredible! . We were so so lucky with the weather on our first day but the temperature soon plummeted for our remaining two days. We dined at Wild Bill’s BBQ buffet on our first night, the Agrabar Cafe Mediterranean buffet (my FAV!) on our second night and on our last day we had burger and chips in the Walt Studio Park. I think I may of had a cheesy hot dog everyday, this girl loves her food, and once the Christmas market opened I made sure to stock up on Macarons, just love them!

Abi with macaroons in the hotel

Disneyland teacups

Disneyland little ride

Disneyland abi and Helen on steam boat

Frontier land

We experienced the Disney dreams show which thankfully has changed since my last five trips and we saw the final parade once. On our second day we were fortunate to attend Disneylands Firework display over the lake, and I was a little disappointed. I understood what they were trying to achieve with it as they had designed it to be themed around London, Guy Fawkes and the orchestral music reflected the drama of the Historical event. I was expecting a Disney twist, so more magic, light and up beat happy music but all I got was I tiny screen in the middle of the lake showing a laughing guy mask, horses and tower bells, the fireworks started of really well with fire tricks but eventually the display became hidden in smoke, we waited in the cold with very numb bums for an hour, and it just wasn’t…..wow. 

As we were practically waltzing onto the rides we had pretty much seen and done everything by day two, we had a ride on the steam boat, had photo’s with Pluto and Mickey. It was actually my mission to have my photo taken with Mickey as the only one I have also features my ex so new photo, new memories required!

Abigail Kathleen and Mickey Mouse

Not sure if it’s because I’m getting too old for Disney or  if it’s because I’m unfit lump but by the final day I was truly exhausted. My legs ached, my feet ached, my face was numb with cold and my nose had sniffles from the rain, when home time came along, I could not wait to get home into my own bed.

Despite the breakfast drama I loved my time in Disneyland and will hopefully return again soon!


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