#newnownext Party with ADEXE

If you follow me on instagram (if your not please do head over and give me a follow!) you would have seen I was invited to Adexe Watch Christmas party at the Moxy hotel in Stratford. The theme of the party was whats NEW, what’s NOW and what’s NEXT, in fashion trends and styles are always changing.

Abigail Kathleen at Adele

The party was certainly one not to be missed, on arrival you are checked in and informed of the activities they had set up and directed to the cloak area where you got to select a watch of your choice, a gift from Adexe. I selected the meek petite rose gold , feeding my rose gold obsession, the sleek mesh wrist strap and a simple and sleek watch face with a date indicator, cute right?

Meek rose gold

One thing that did bother me about this party is that alochol was freely being poured, a prosecco queen delight, amongst gin and craft beer. I have recently found out that I have a histamine allergy meaning I can’t drink alcohol without a severe reaction, so I simply stick to water, which I had to pay for and a inconvenience to the bar staff as the bar was not stocked with water. Everyone was getting merry for free….I had to pay to stay sober, like being on a booze ban wasn’t bad enough! that was my only rant!

When I checked in on my arrival I was informed their would be tattoo’s being done, naturally you would assume temporary tattoos right? oh so wrong! Moxy and Adexe had managed to get Konstatin Siegal, a tattoist from Berlin, specialising in botanical fine line tatts. Currently I have a very “F*ck it” mentality, so I dived straight in and selected to have a sprig of lavender on my left wrist. Konstatin was dressed in a very fine suit and was incredibly professional, he told me about his UK tour he was on and how amaxing his set up next to the fireplace was and I couldn’t agree more! Having a tattoo done by a fire is certainly something you could dream of, having my tattoo done drew a bit of attention! we were surrounded by a crowd intrigued by my tattoo, lots of filming and photography going on around me it was a very surreal experience. 

Getting my tattoo

I took my partner in crime Tanya with me and we had a lovely evening mooching around the activites, Tanya had glitter and gems applied to her face and I had a lovely hand massage, as well as various other activites. 

As time ticked on we eventually made our move to leave when the entertainment started! it started with three girls in thong bodysuits waving sparkly capes around to music….no dance routine, just waving their capes about…it certainly had the attention of the male guests, we were done by this point so we collected our goodie bags and coats and headed home.


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