Abi’s 2018 Advent Calendars

Most years I haven’t ever been overly fussed by advent calendars, no matter my age my mother will always buy me a advent calendar full of chocolate goodies. This year is different, I have been thoroughly spoilt with four advents! YES FOUR, and none of them feature chocolate!

Revolution Advent Calendar

This is a very my best friend is better than yours moment. As a belated birthday present, Tanya bought me Revolution’s Advent calendar, 25 make up goodies in one big calendar, currently just £30, that £1.20 an item!

	Revolution lip advent calendar

My second calendar is another good’n from Revolution, The lip advent calendar features 25 lipsticks and liners, this one is a little more expensive at £40 but if you break it down is does equal £1.60 per item, which is a bargain really!

Technic’s advent calendar

The next one is a treat from my mum! Technic’s bath time treats! 25 bath time goodies to keep me squeaky clean and smelling sweet. It’s no secret that I love a hot bubble bath so I am looking forward to having new treats to use! 

Victoria Mae’s Tea advent calendar

Best for last? I was very kindly gifted this calendar a while ago and sadly I have been a little humbug this year as Christmas start in October in the shops this year! I feel such a long lead up can ruin the festivities as it goes on for far too long! But here it is! A tea advent calendar by the talented Victoria Mae, a new and mystery tea bag every day leading up to Christmas! The beautifully design packets arrive in a little brown box and you can smell the tea before you have even opened the box! On the website you have an option of purchasing string and pegs to hang the packets, I received the single packets so I headed to poundland and bought a firefly string light set with colourful plastic pegs and doesn’t it look so pretty on my fireplace?!

What advent calendars have you gone for this year?


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