Abi Explores: Petworth House

Abigail at petworth house

Welcome to the second part of my trip to Petworth, West Sussex! If you haven’t read about my stay at The Old Railway Station make sure to catch up. During my two day trip, Sarah and I spent our final day exploring the grand Petworth House and Park.

Petworth Manor House

After the manager of The old Railway Station dropped us off we prioritised organising a cab home, after calling 3 different cab firms, Petworth private hire saved us and we booked a car to collect us later on that day. Our driver called me in the day to introduce himself, inform us of the job he had earlier in the afternoon, confirm the collection time and what car to look out for. That alone made the service 5 star, i’ve never had that from a cab company, it was personal and assuring, if you ever find yourself in Petworth I highly recommend them.

Petworth House and park is part of the National Trust and is the main attraction and to do in Petworth. The manor house has over 900 years of history, with royal ties in the tudor times, and it has seen many renovations. One expansion took nearly 100 years to complete….one. hundred. years….but when your slowly floating through the halls and rooms you can see an incredible amount of detail in the build and decor. The house oozes wealth with solid wood walls and carvings, solid gold details and decor and an art and statue collection that could make a museum seem tiny.

Petworth House art collection

Petworth House gallery

In each room you can find little red folders that held information on a snippet of history that room had, whether it be an old dining area, the duchess’s leisure area or simply detailed information on the exquisite collection of paintings on the wall. The house features it’s very own chapel, in the windows you would find (if I remember rightly!) family crests signifying the family marriages. My favourite area of the house was the staircase, every inch of the walls and ceiling was just one large artwork featuring greek myths such as pandoras box.

Petworth House staircase

Petworth House abi on staircase

Once we had explored the manor house we took a coffee break in the smaller canteen of the two available. I must admit I do not make enough time to see my friends so the two days I spent with Sarah were very special as it allowed us to catch up and really spend some quality time together, sitting having coffee in the manor house really made me appreciative of our friendship. It’s the little things!

Once we refuelled we  went for a stroll around the park and we were so lucky with the weather. It was the perfect Autumn day, the sun was shining warmly on us and the grass was green with a layer of golden leaves. walking through the park we saw monuments, statues and little Halloween activities they had put on for children. Before we knew it an hour had passed and we found ourself heading to the service house. The service house was the living quarters for the house staff and servants, it featured an extremely large kitchen, cooling rooms for meat and dairy and various educational rooms suited for school trips to the house.

Petworth House park

Petworth House kitchen

We still found ourselves with a huge amount of time to burn so we ventured into Petworth village to find a ATM, we walked around in circles until we found the only one….and it was out of service. We gave up on the idea of sourcing cash, we would just to wing it in this out of time village! We found a adorable tea shop that also sold confectionary so we stopped for a pot of tea by a fireplace, it was very small and cosy, we loved it! 

Petworth village afternoon tea

Once we had our fill of tea and cobbled roads we headed back to Petworth Manor house for last browse around the grounds where we discover the most beautiful lake, Petworth Park is famous for it’s deer, sadly we did not see any but our shoes collected their droppings. Walking past the lake was so serene and peaceful, I honestly wanted to find a bench and just watch the ducks and swans swim around, honestly it is so good for your well being to find a peaceful place and just stop and take some time to yourself and reflect.

Petworth deer park

Overall I had the most wonderful time visiting Petworth, as mentioned in previous post I highly recommend driving as it really is in the deep countryside. If you ever need a mini break, please do consider visiting Petworth, the views alone are worth it.


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