The path to sweet dreams..

Lack of sleep can have a negative effect on the lives we lead, it affects our health, performance and general mood. I have suffered on and off with insomnia, it takes a good hour or so for my mind to switch off and drift off to sleep. Over the last few months I have switched up my night time routine to help me get a healthy nights sleep, starting by switching my bedding.

Abigail Kathleen mulberry silk pillow

Photo from silk bedding direct

At the beginning of the year I switched up my 10 year old mattress for a new Simba hybrid mattress, a memory foam mattress with 5 luxury layers including a top layer designed to keep you cool should you over heat. Since I have had the Simba I am not tossing and turning as much, far more comfortable.

Next change to make was my bedding, being the bargainista I am, I have always opted for cheaper and more affordable duvets and pillows but the life span of the products are very short and eventually become flat and lumpy. I was recently gifted a mulberry silk pillow by Silk Bedding Direct and I have never fallen in love with a pillow so much in my life! As soon as my head sinks into the pillow my head is wrapped in comfort.

Mulberry Silk pillows come with many benefits;-

all great health and beauty benefits of mulberry silk – hypo-allergenic and totally clean, very comfortable, light, amino acids and the protein sericin in the silk help delay skin ageing and nourish the hair. People with allergies and asthma benefit because silk is hypo-allergenic and does not contain bed bugs, mites and other microscopic life that live in almost all other types of bedding.  

I am now looking to invest in more mulberry silk pillows and the duvet as I can imagine having an entire mulberry silk set would be blissful!!… could also make it very hard to leave my bed in the mornings.

Abigail kathleen sweet dreams

Another change I have made is to avoid watching TV and staring at my phone around an hour before bed, I now listen to music…which depends on my mood, or reading. Watching TV and staring at your phone can stimulate the brain making it harder to switch off, I suffer anxiety so sometimes over stimulation can leave me up at night thinking about events that took place years ago or even my work load for the next day. I also smother myself in Lush’s Sleepy cream, a lavender blend body lotion that smells incredible, the lavender helps calm me.

What’s you night-time routine for a peaceful nights sleep?


Disclosure: I was gifted a Mulberry Silk Pillow in return for this feature and my honest review.

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