Abi’s Style: Opposuit style

If any of my friends and family know me, they can agree that I LOVE red tartan and plaid fashion. I can’t explain it but it just suits me, I genuinely look forward to the colder months so I can dig out my tartan clothing.

Last month I was offered the opportunity to feature a suit from Opposuits , an online retailer that specialises in loud and crazy suits. Most popular with men but they also do have a range for women!

Opposuits lumberjackie

I always considered myself to be quit open to crazy style but I proved myself very wrong when I browsed the OppoSuits collection, there are many Christmas suits and a suit inspired by the fresh prince of bel air called ‘The Fresh Princess’

Fresh princess

Suddenly I wasn’t as brave with my fashion as I thought! But the lumberjackie to the rescue! A two piece tartan skirt suit that’s true to size and sits lovely on, the suit can be worn independently but when I went to stay in The Old Railway Station B&B in Petworth I could not resist taking the suit with me for a shoot as tartan and vintage go so well together!


The beauty of the tartan suit is that in can be worn for any occasion, parties, work or even casually….well I think so anyway! Unlike most suits, Opposuits can be easily cared for at home as they are machine washable and can be ironed with a cool iron. The suits are fully lined and the jacket has plenty of pockets…how we love our pockets!

“That’s an amazing suit!” Why thank you! It has pockets! See!

There is one thing I do not like about the suits, the big ol’ Opposuits label stitched onto the right sleeve and skirt, it’s not an attractive label and personally I feel restricted from wearing the suit more as it’s the first thing people see….and the first thing people ask “is that label meant to be on the outside?”

Opposuits staircase

The Lumberjackie is also available for men, The Lumber Jack, and costs £54.95, for that price I’d like the suit to be more of a everyday suit than the occasional novelty. Yes, yes I know that’s the idea but that’s just me, but that is the only negative, other than the labels (the jacket sleeve label can be easily removed) I will also rock this suit to work!

Head over to Opposuits and check out what crazy Christmas suits they have available this season!


Disclaimer: I was gifted the Lumberjackie from Opposuits in return for this feature.

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