“A Sleeping Beauty Fairytale” by the London Russian Ballet School

On Wednesday 14th November I travelled through London to Cadogan Hall where the London Russian Ballet School held their performance of “A Sleeping Beauty Fairytale” featuring Kristina Kretova and Russian Skvortsov of the Bolshoi Ballet.

London Russian Ballet School (LRBS) believes education brings about positive change; it transforms lives and offers opportunity. It enriches society by empowering individuals with knowledge and choice.

London Russian Ballet School was set up to introduce children of all social backgrounds to the beauty of the performing art that is ballet. The school provides its students not only ballet training but also the necessary academic training. When students have reach a certain skill set they are allowed to perform in the schools performances.

Cadogan hall

The performance was held in Cadogan Hall, a beautiful venue just a few minutes walk from Sloane Square station. As the performance featured minors understandably photography and filming was not allowed, in Act one we are shown the fairytale kingdom celebrating the birth of Princess Aurora and the fairies gifting the new princess until Carabosse, the evil fairy, arrives to cast her curse.

The costumes of the performers were beautiful, full of colour and glitter, is was amazed by the fairies performances as the light bounced of their glitter crowns and tutu’s as they danced with grace and joy. The costume choice for the evil fairy and her young minions reminded me of spiders in a way, black with a lot of pointed knees an elbows in the performance, I was intrigued by the choice of foot wear, Carabosse had one ballet slipper on and what looked like a sock on the other, her young minions (all aged under 10 I believe) had one dance shoe and one bare foot.

The performances of the students were flawless, each dancer delivered a expressive story through their choreography. Although I grew up watching ballet it’s my grandfather, this performance made me aware I have so much more to learn. I attended the performance on my own and was sat in the middle of the row, the gentleman on my left explained to me how special it was to attend a performance of the Bolshoi Ballet, the dancers of the Bolshoi Ballet, a world renowned Russian ballet company, have been trained in ballet from a very young age. To my right was a lovely couple who had kindly given me a spare programme that they had bought for the performance, the gentleman, Steven, told me all about the school and how they invite classes from the local school to attend the performance for free, in hope that the children will be inspired and intrigued by the dance, Steven had previously written an intimate article about the school last year and kindly gave me the link to his article so I was able to learn more about the school, I whole heartedly recommend giving it a read here (scroll to page 30)

After a short interval we are taken back into the fairytale kingdom where we are introduced to performances of little red riding hood and cinderella to name a couple, I particularly loved the little red riding hood performance. Princess Aurora has been awakened by her prince and we are treated to a beautiful performance by Bolshoi Ballets very own Kristina Kretova and Russian Skvortsov (the gentleman on my left kindly informed me).

The students at LRBS are insanely talented, so full of grace and delight in their performances, it was such a pleasure to attend.

Disclaimer: I attended this performance with a complimentary ticket on behalf on The Live Review

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