Abi Reads: My Top 5 Books

Reading is an escape from reality, it allows us to explore without leaving the comfort of home and to learn something new. In this post I will be sharing with you my top 5 books.

1. Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre

Jane eyre

I first discovered Jane Eyre during my school years, we had to study the book in detail and write endless essays on the meaning of certain scenes, use of colours and emotions. I fell in love with Jane’s character, I saw myself in her character. A sense of not belonging, her fears, her loneliness and her insecurities, I suppose her heart as well. Jane Eyre is probably the reason I have always taken a fancy to older men, Mr Rochester proves that love can soften the hardest of men, he had his own demons and heartbreak, along with Jane I fell for him too. Jane Eyre is full of tragedy, history and love, my perfect rainy day book.

2. The Percy Jackson & Heroes of Olympus Series

I am a huge geek for Greek Mythology, the tales and history absolutely fascinate me. Rick Riordan has captured the Greek Myths and brought them to modern day life with the adventure’s of Demi god Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. Yes admittedly the books are aimed for teenagers but I thoroughly enjoy them, follow Percy’s quests with his friends, battling demons and Godly challenges. The hero’s of Olympus is a separate series that not only follows Percy but a large group of Demigods on quest adventures. I honestly do recommend giving the books a try!

3. Me before you

Admittedly I hadn’t read Me Before You before I had seen the film, I LOVED the film so had to give the books a read. In my opinion books will always be better the films as when you read you build the story in your imagination, how the characters looks and behave, films are someone else’s vision of the story. Louisa Clark is just a fantastic, quirky character, following her trials, journeys and mistakes due to her good heart is so enjoyable. The follow on books after you and still me are fantastic, you follow Lou on her journey of falling in love, exploring the world, her grief and her adaption.

4. Empress Orchid & The Last Empress

A Novel by Anchee Man about the life of Empress Dowager Cixi, from her humble start to her transition to the formal and sparkling life as a Imperial Consort where she has to work against 6 other consorts, to gain the Emperors favour and produce a male heir. The novel is a first hand account of the first half of Orchids life, The Last Empress is a follow up, another first hand account of how Orchid continues after the death of the Emperor. Both novels provide a historical insight into Chinese history, truly interesting novels.

5. TrueBlood

Another read inspired by the TV Show, Vampires, maenads and fairies, the TrueBlood books take fantasy to a whole new kinky level. Charlaine Harris creates a world where magic and fantasy exists but in a dark, kinky and humorous way. The novels follow Sookie, a not so normal waitress who finds herself in all sorts of situations with Vampires, shapers and werewolves madly in love with her…..which later on in the series we discover is due to her fairy blood. Reading this back it all sounds ridiculous but it’s the adult version of twilight really! Except the TV show did the books justice (well except when it went all religious, the show completely diverted from the books)

So that’s my top 5 books (and series!) I’m currently reading the memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, its so easy to put down and pick up whenever I need to get lost.

What are you currently reading? Leave a comment below!

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