Dream in style with UK Lingerie

Let’s face it, our favourite type of clothing is our lounge and night wear, we genuinely don’t like getting dressed really!….well I don’t anyway, lazy lounge wear days more often please!

UK Lingerie is a family owned and run online retailer of lingerie, swim wear and night wear, so when I was approached to collaborate I could not say no for two reasons. The first being I work for a small family owned and run business myself so I have so much respect and support small businesses with the same foundations, secondly, I love nightwear, soft clothing to lounge around in, I am a total comfort seeker.

UKLingerie Cami and shorts set

This Promise Luxury Rigoletto cami and shorts set is probably the most beautiful pyjamas I own! Although 100% polyester they have that soft, satin feel and shine to them. On the website they look red in colour but I would say they lean towards a more coral colour. The lace detail on the shorts and neckline just add that luxury touch to the design and the cold shoulder cuffs add that unique element to the set. I posted a photo of the set on my Instagram and I received so many questions about this set, it so eye catching and is so beautiful in design.

Uk Lingerie Bluebella jumpsuit

Bluebella Kara

Is anyone else loving the pyjama fashion trend? This Kara jumpsuit from bluebella on UK Lingerie superbly multitasks as lounge wear and casual wear! It’s so cosy to wear, soft to touch and has a lovely fit, the waist is elasticated so it sits snug and is flexible to accommodate that Sunday afternoon biscuit binge. The beige piping against the black is another on trend feature, the fastening on the wrap over is super fiddly so when you take it of you kind look like your doing the samba with your shoulders, but you get over that when it is on as it is just so stylish and comfy! I really recommend this jumpsuit as a travel outfit.

Now the cold weather is with us head over to UK Lingerie to see what nightwear catches your eye


Disclaimer: This is a gifted collaboration with UK Lingerie

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