Beauty: New products in my routine!

Fashion and style has taken over the blog a little lately so I wanted to share with you new products in my beauty draw that have become staples in my beauty regime!

Sanoflore aqua magnifica

I won Sanoflore Aqua Magnifica through a competition with Em Sheldon on instagram, it is a certified organic skin toner designed to help balance your skin and battle blemishes. I use this toner twice a day after cleansing, it features peppermint oil so it has a fresh scent and leaves the skin tingling whilst the pores tighten up.

Superdrug calm skin

After toning I use Superdrug’s Calm Skin hydrating serum and moisturiser which features chamomile to help calm your skin and Hyaluronic acid to keep skin looking plump and hydrated.

Witch hazel

Witch Hazel is my magic potion, IT HAS SOOO MANY USES! I use the distilled liquid and the gel. Witch hazel is wonderful for the skin, I use it for acne breakouts and after I have shaved. I have super sensitive skin, I’m too much of a wimp to try waxing, I have tried epilators and …no. Not for me. Just no. THE PAIN. So I stick to shaving which also comes with negatives such as burns, cuts and irritations so being antiseptic and a anti-inflammatory, I use witch hazel liquid on a cotton pad to wipe over the shaved areas keeping my skin super smooth and irritation free. The gel works perfectly for the break outs, blemishes and insect bites! I do not travel any where without witch hazel gel!

Revolution Make Up

I am a massive fan of Revolution Make up so naturally I had to get on board with the new conceal and define foundation, it really does live up to the hype. A little goes a long way and the coverage is amazing and full, although it is meant to last for 8 hours I always spritz the sports fix to set my makeup as I really do not have time for touch up through out the day.

Givenchy noir and divage browfix

I am part of the Glamour Beauty Club where I get sent the occasional beauty product to try and review, this is open for everyone to sign up to. Last month I was sent the Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara to try and it is top class! It lengthens and lifts my lashes really enhancing the thickness and length of my lashes. The only down side which to be honest is a positive as well, it lasts all day and is a nightmare to remove, I had to buy eye make up remover specially to remove the mascara, as no matter how much I cleansed I still woke up the next day with two black eyes.

As much as it may seem I am this beauty goddess….I hate this whole draw your eyebrows obsession at the moment, you know “eyebrows on fleek!” Nope. Not here. Not me. I use shaped eyebrow wax strips to keep them tidy and I use wax pencil Browfix by Divage to tame them when I have a full face on.

Primark metallic nail polish

I am really into metallic nail varnishes at the moment and Primark is delivering the goods, last week I bought the lilac and light blue featured above and they look amazing on and are chip resistant! Both can last a full week before chipping.

Sniph Perfumes

I’m going to wrap up with Sniph, a monthly subscription service for discovering new perfume. There’s six collections to choose from Aesthetic for Men, work/play for men, Avant-Garde, clean, female classics and trending now. I was recently gifted a box and I took the online test to help me choose a collection and it came up with trending now.

Each month you get sent a new vial of perfume to slot into a black sniph diffuser, I was sent Chypre Mojo by Parle Moi De Parfum.

Chypre Mojo is the embodiment of sex appeal, triggering an instant addiction to it’s bergamot, carnation, mango and patchouli accord. – Parle moi de parfum site description

The perfume is beautiful, I particularly love the subtle mango and it honestly lived up to it’s description when I wore it on a first date! My date complimented my perfume so I will be definitely be wearing it on our second date.

Chypre Mojo Retails between 95€ – 155€ but with Sniph you can pay from as little as £9 or with my discount code you can get your first box from just £4!! Subscribe and use my code abigail5 to receive a £5 discount.

Though I must note as it is a monthly subscription you probably won’t receive the Chypre Mojo as the perfume selection does change every month.

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