Styling Autumn with Debenhams

How lucky have we been this year with the weather? We had an actual Summer and now Autumn is a contender with Spring! It’s not cold enough for your heavy coats but not warm enough to go without a jacket. I am loving it! I have collaborated with Debenhams to deliver some Autumn/Winter inspiration for you!

Debenhams is the well known staple to any shopping centre, it provides a designer shopping experience that can cater for those of all budgets, looking to refresh their wardrobes with the latest trends, or even top up the cosmetics in the beauty halls.

Animal Print is THE trend for Autumn 2018 and I have to be honest until now I hated animal print, you would never catch me in it…..until now. I was persuaded by friends to give the leopard print pattern a chance, so I did and no regrets, it looks stylish and it is comfortable to wear. I styled the leopard print top with a faux leather mini skirt and over the knee boots, animal print can be styled to wear casually and for the evening.

Denim is taking Autumn by storm, Debenhams and it’s selected brands and designers have given it’s customers a vast range of denim pieces including this western inspired denim dress. The dress has western inspired stitching along the shoulders and cuffs, it also features pearl button poppers as a shirt dress does, it’s cosy and stylish, my only gripe with denim dresses is due to the touch material you will never get a perfect fit, I eventually settled with the size 10, it’s slightly baggy on the shoulders and a little snug on the hips but it looks fabulous, don’t you think?!

As we are in the middle of jacket and heavy coat weather I needed a light jacket and this coat is gorgeous!! I LOVE HOUNDSTOOTH….yes that much. This coat from Wallis is light weight and doesn’t button up so it works so so well in this weather. It is the perfect all rounder, I can wear it in any occasion or time of day and it looks fabulous.

To complete any outfit a lady needs is accessories such as a handbag, personally I struggle when it comes to bags. I am not that woman who has a hundred bags under her bed, I will buy a bag and then use it until it dies of wear and tear…which can last years. Thanks to the lovely PR team at Debenhams I have been given the push to refresh the handbag and I went for a lovely little number from faith. A black patent handbag with two ways of carrying it, the half moon gold handles or by the shoulder strap which also features a gold chain. It’s the perfect size but no matter what size the hand bag it will always transform into Mary poppin’s bottomless bag, you know what I mean!

Why not head over to Debenhams online or in store to see what Autumn/Winter trends they have waiting for you?

Before I wrap up, a massive thank you to Sarah who helped me capture the featured photos.

Disclosure: A gifted collaboration with Debenhams as part of their Autumn Campaign

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