Healthy Hair with Moroccan Oil

Healthy hair with Moroccan oil. Naturally high in fatty acids and vitamin E, Moroccan Oil is the perfect solution for damaged hair.

Since being able to my hair has been subject to endless hair dyes, bleaching and heat styling, safe to say I’ve destroyed my hair. Around a year ago my hair started to fall out, this was due to two reasons, damage and hormonal change, I have since been trying various methods to try and restore my hair to a healthy condition.

For a couple months now I have been using Moroccan Oil in my hair care routine, this adorable travel kit made it convenient for me to take the set with me where I went so I didn’t have to chop and change my routine.

Moroccan Oil UK gifted me the Repair Moisture travel kit which included the Shampoo, Conditioner, the original Moroccan oil and the dry texture spray. A little goes a long way so in the couple months I have used the kit I have restocked the shampoo and conditioner only once and still have a bottle half full of the oil!

I haven’t made much use of the dry texture spray, I have really had a reason to use it but the purpose of the spray is to add a textured hold for the “messy” waves or more detailed styles such as plaits and braiding.

With dedicated use I have found Moroccan Oil, also known as Argan Oil, a staple in my hair care routine. With the addition of frequent trims, no longer dying my hair my beloved deep red and keeping the heat styling to a minimum my hair is feeling softer, stronger and has regained a healthy shine! I would whole heartedly recommend Moroccan Oil.

Find out more about Moroccan Oil and their other products here

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