Lock’d Escape room

The beauty of living in London is there are many hidden gems to have fun, recently I was invited to take on the challenge of escaping a room by finding Grampa’s Will at Lock’d escape rooms in Bermondsey.

If you have never heard of escape rooms before let me explain, you and a team of up to 5 players are locked inside a room, you are told the story behind the room and what needs to be done to escape. With a time limit of 60 minutes your team needs to hunt for clues, keys and locks to escape.

For my visit I took along with me four others, Ellie, George, Mark and Richard, who are all escape room masters, I have never done an escape room until now so I felt confident these guys would show me how to have fun and escape the room in a epic time. In our room we had to find clues, piece together puzzles and really use our heads to find grandpa’s will, though what clues and puzzles they are? That you will have to find out yourself.

The room was imaginative, realistic and creative, we escaped the room in 32 minutes which is amazing for my first time, I had an epic team.

There are currently two other rooms with many more in production;

Museum Warehouse
Perpetuum Mobile

Prices vary on the size of your team, for a team of five it works out at £19.80pp

If you are looking for something different to do or looking for a fun activity for the kids this summer I would fully recommend checking out Lockd escape rooms.

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