Celebrate with the personal touch

If you have read my previous post you’d know that I have been celebrating two years of blogging. All mile stones, even as little as this deserves to be celebrated and what can really make a celebration special is the personal touch.Abigail Kathleen It’s your bottle

The Branding Photographer

To help me celebrate AK’s second birthday It’s your Bottle very kindly sent me a bottle of prosecco with my very own personalised label. The bottle arrived in style, packaged in a wooden clasp box with paper stuffing, a practical and luxurious way to present your very own bottle.

Abigail Kathleen secret shoots It’s your bottleThe Branding Photographer

Now the problem with such a beautiful bottle and presentation, I don’t want to open it, it is sitting proudly on my vanity desk so I can’t comment on the prosecco. It’s your bottle personalise labels for not only prosecco and have a range of red, white and rose, so they have an option for all types of wine lovers. The personal labels can cater for any occasion and character, I opted for the floral option with the script text, it’s beautiful.

Abigail Kathleen It’s your bottleThe Branding Photographer

The prices vary on your selection but is entirely worth making someone’s day, I will be placing an order soon myself for my boss’s birthday, and at any opportunity I get! When selecting gifts I always aim to go for the personalised touch as it delivers that you sincerely thought of the recipient and the special occasion.Abigail Kathleen Signature

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