Treat your skin with Kathleen

The everyday person is so busy with day to day life sometimes we can forget to give our bodies the loving care it needs. Every Sunday, is self-care Sunday for me, I spend the day time working on my blog and then in the evening I run myself a hot bath and add whatever takes my fancy such as bubbles, salts or oils.

Kathleen citrus cheer flat lay
Abigail Kathleen

Kathleen is a skincare company from Royal Leamington Spa that specialises in crafting all natural and organic products to pamper your skin. When they approached me to review a body oil I accepted for two reason, one being the shared name ‘Kathleen’ and the second was their devotion to producing natural and organic skin care.

Kathleen citrus cheer close up
The Branding Photographer

I am a massive fan of body oils as they can be used in a variety of ways, they can be used as a bath oil which is my favourite use, using the oil in a hot bath is a fabulous way to soften and exfoliate away dead skin without the vigorous scrubbing, and then once out of the bath you just pat dry and your skin is feeling soft and fresh without the need of moisturiser.

Another use is to lather the oil onto wet skin after a bath or shower and simply pat dry, the oil locks in moisture leaving the gorgeous oil fragrance and soft skin. Lastly during a massage to help your muscles relax, Kathleen’s body oils come in a range of oils that suits different moods and needs. I choose citrus cheer, a blend of lemon, rosewood and geranium oils which aim’s to encourage a happier and cheerful mood and promote positivity. I love a citrus fragrance as it leaves me feeling fresh and ready for my day ahead.

Other oils available are;

– Tranquil fields, made up of lavender, frankincense and vanilla to encourage relaxation.

– Sensual Rose, made up of rose, orange and nut meg to encourage romance (maybe should of gone for that one!)

The oils are light weight , absorbs quickly and a little honestly goes a long way, when pay day comes around I would love to get the Citrus cheer body wash for the shower.

The body oils cost £34, which is a little higher in price than my normal products but if you want a real all natural product that has zero nasties then it’s worth every penny as you know you are getting a luxury and quality product that will last you a long time.

Photo’s taken by Jade Hicks The Branding Photographer

6 thoughts on “Treat your skin with Kathleen

  1. I have never really used body oils . . . I’ve always been a lotion kind of gal! But putting some into a bath does sound lovely and luxurious!


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