Stay Hydrated with Vit Stix

I have been so incredibly busy lately, between working full time, attending blog events and trying to keep my social life alive sometimes I can forget to provide my body with the vitamins it needs to stay healthy and hydrated.

Vit Stix is the perfect solution for the busy, everyday person like myself, it’s an incredibly tasty vitamin drink that is packed with vitamins B, C & D and zinc. Packed in a handed travel size stick convenient to take anywhere, you just pour the vitamin liquid into 500ml of water which transforms the water into a flavoursome tropical juice drink that contains only just 7 calories, making it the ideal drink for the health conscious.

So what are the vitamin benefits?

Vitamin B – Reduces tiredness and promotes natural energy

Vitamin C – Boosts immunity, supports muscle repair and also reduces fatigue

Vitamin D – Maintains bones, muscles and immunity

Zinc – Maintains eyes, hair, skin and nails and also contributes to immunity.

So really you chuck out the supplement tablets and replace them with a tastier and more convenient option like Vit Stix, only £3.99 for ten working out at just 39p a stick, we can’t really complain!

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