Let me re-introduce myself…

On the 28th June my blog will celebrate it’s second birthday, it has been a life changing two years. Not only has my blog grown from strength to strength, I have grown with it.

My self named blog, Abigail Kathleen, was created on a whim, I had dabbled years ago after my good friend Tanya had told me about all the people she met and had become friends with through blogging. I joined Blogger, but I didn’t understand it and had no confidence in my own writing skills so after two or three posts my blog faded away.

When I was working in optics whilst on lunch there was a magazine feature on a blogger who had started blogging as a way to handle her depression. I was in a black hole myself, i was dosed up to my eyes in anxiety meds and anti-depressants, so I thought I would dip my toe back into blogging, and here I am two years later with over six thousand followers, meds free.

So who am I? My friends call me Abi, and I only blog part time, I work as a full time administrator and digital assistant for an interiors company in Kent.

I reached out on instagram for questions to answer so here we go:

What do you love about blogging?

That it keeps me so busy, I don’t have a large social circle or exciting lifestyle so creating content for my blog keeps my mind distracted and keeps me busy. I also love the opportunities it has opened up for me, the adventures it takes me on and the wonderful people I get to meet

What’s important to you in a relationship?

Honesty, when i am in a relationship I want that person to tell me everything, how they feel, expectations, anything….whether it will hurt me or not. I have been hurt too many times to be in relationship where topics have to be avoided and games are played.

What’s your go to make up look?

Ooh my make up depends on my mood but for work I like to go for a natural, earthy look with nude and bronze eye shadows and pale lipsticks, but I also love a red lipstick so I switch up sometimes for a natural look with a bold red lippie. My go to evening look is a darker red and smokey eye.

Favourite food?

Italian food is always a winner for me.

Have you had a boob job?

Excuse me? No, all natural.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Pay off my debts, buy a house, buy my mum a house and my sister a deposit towards her own home. I would take an intensive driving course then purchase a metallic red mini, go on a two week luxury holiday and then return back to work part time and maybe go blogging full time.

Favourite experience through your blog?

I have to thank Tanya at GlamGlitzGloss for this one, it was attending the Graham & Brown launch party with fashion designer Julien Macdonald.

How do you deal with your depression?

I suffered and still do suffer with anxiety and depression but it took me years to be able to find a way to manage it. I have taken the meds and seen therapists but to be able to manage my depression I had to take ownership of it, understand my triggers and what helps me get out of that black hole. We all have different ways of coping and my way of coping may not necessarily work for anyone else but my best advice would be to take ownership, identify what makes you unhappy and actively work to change that situation whether it’s work, friendships, love. Only person responsible for your own well being is yourself, others can help you by listening but you need to help yourself first.

Are you in a relationship?

No, I am not but I’m not currently looking for one either. I had my heart broken recently and in all honesty I’m struggling with it, I initiated the break up and tried to recover it once the pain hit, I was prepared to uproot my life for him, but that alone just wasn’t enough. I’m still processing it all.

What’s your travel bucket list?

I want to explore all the beautiful beaches but this year i would love to explore Rome.

Go to mascara?

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir

Do you feature every product sent to you?

No, I try my best to keep this blog a positive platform, if i have something negative to say about a product I honestly have no reason to feature as my experience with a product may not necessarily be the same experience someone else may have. Working for a small company I know how damaging just one bad review can do.

Twelve questions is enough for now! I hope this gives you a little insight to the person behind the blog. I love this blog, without I have no idea where I would be in life, it contributed to me getting my job, developing as a person and has made my life so much better

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