Add sparkle to your bedroom

Add sparkle into your bedroom without breaking the bank.

I have been slowly redecorating my bedroom I am half way through, one of the challenges I had was the arch way that previously led into the kitchen. When I split up with my ex-boyfriend and returned home I had to accept the dining room as my new bedroom, when your in your twenties you can’t really share a bedroom any more. The dining room led straight into the kitchen so I had no privacy until my mother had entered a relationship and I really didn’t want him strolling through my room while I was sleeping so the kitchens original doorway was reopened and the arch was covered up in a botched way, it was hideous.

My mum wallpapered the kitchen side but as you can see above it’s not exactly attractive! so I hit Pinterest for ideas on covering it up and found the best solution, string lights and a mesh curtain!

I grabbed my bag an hit my local town centre, my first stop of was at wilkos where I purchased a curtain for just £5 and self adhesive metal hooks for £2 but had no luck on the string lights.

Primark has been a god send for home decor lately, so I headed over and found gold, 4 metre long fire fly lights! At £2.50 I picked up two packs just in case and I’m glad I did as both were needed.

Before I hung the lights and curtains I used a eggshell quick dry paint from Dulux in bright white to cover the wood, it needed two coats and dried in an hour. Once the paint was dry I stuck the adhesive hooks in the arch, unfortunately the adhesive wasn’t strong enough so I ended up having to restick them with no more nails and waited around 3 – 4 hours for them to dry.

Once the hooks were ready I hung the lights and the curtain and the result was great.

To complete the arch way I placed a white chest of drawers, I’m super proud of the out come and it has completely changed that corner of my bedroom. It brightens the room up and adds a stylish but cosy touch and only cost me £12!

For more inspiration on transforming your home with string lights head over to my Pinterest where I have been collecting the best images.

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