The Demon that is Instagram…

Since instagram became part of my job role as well as blogging I have been invested daily into looking for ways to increase the engagement for the pages I manage.

Facebook over the past few years has become a bit of a monster, and when it took over instagram in 2012 it did both create wonders but also a curse for us insta users. They have completely transformed how we use the platform and introduced insta stories, facebooks answer to our beloved snapchat.

The curse with instagram, especially for businesses and bloggers is the greed, after a bit of intense research and reading I have come to the conclusion that if your rely on instagram for business/blogging or “influencing” and potentially make money through the platform, the platform will restrict your engagement so the only way to increase it is to spend our hard earned cash.

I manage five insta profiles, two for work, my blog, photography and a personal account. My blog account is set to business where my photography page is set on personal, the engagement on the personal photography page blows away the poor engagement on my blogging page. My works instagram account was a victim of the Rayban hack a few weeks ago and ever since it cannot be discovered by it’s own or any hashtag, I believe it may be a victim of insta’s unconfirmed shadowban.

Through out June I’m going to run a little test, I’m going to switch my blog and one of my works page over to personal accounts, over the 4 weeks I’m going to compare the engagement results to the business profile and see if instagram is indeed penalising business accounts who refuse or simply can’t afford to pay to have their content seen.

If you’re not already why not head over and give my instagram a follow!

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