Get festival ready with Boohoo

The sun is out, our days are longer and the temperatures are rising so you know what that means!? Festival season has arrived!

A lot of my friends read my blog (which actually scares me lol) and they would never put me and festivals together at all, due to my social anxiety I unfortunately get to miss out on the festival experience but I watch the videos, read the articles and browse the festival inspired fashion collections. Just because I miss out on the real thing doesn’t mean I have to miss out on the festival inspired fashion, right? So I packed my outfit and took it to medina with me.

Festivals are about celebrating our passions, usually the arts, most popular arts being music and film. At festivals crowds of people with the same passions comes together to celebrate and what way better to celebrate than to dress however we wish. Festivals allow us to embrace our fashion desires, there are some who love to go with the hippie inspirations of pairing earthy fashion with a rainbow of colour and sparkle. This year fashion retailer, , have created a festival collection that suits all.

I was given the opportunity to choose my own festival outfit from Boohoo and I chose items that brought out my inner child. When I was ten for a school disco I got my mum to buy me this sky blue skirt and matching crop top that I fell in love with, I wanted to live in this outfit. Boohoo have designed what I would call an upgrade to the skirt! sky blue but with a mermaids touch, the skirt shimmers!

The skirt is only available in petite and is available in dark blue and sky blue, £14

Click here to buy the Ellie Mermaid Skirt

Unfortunately the skirt was adventurous enough for me, so I paired the skirt with a white ribbed bodysuit (£8) and a hooded pastel pink windbreaker (£20), lets face it British weather tends to dull the festival sparkle so the windbreaker was a stylish yet practical choice!

Are you festival ready? Send me your festival outfit photos along with any social media links to and I’ll feature them!

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