Frenchic’s Blogger & Press Day

Since I have started working in social media management in interiors and home improvement, I have developed an interest in interior design and DIY.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a blogger and press event held by Frenchic, a paint brand who has a passion for transforming the old into new!

The whole point of the event was to inform us on why Frenchic stands out amongst other brands, and in honesty I was sold and could not wait to return to work the following day to share my new found love for Frenchic paint.

Frenchic is a UK based company who specialises in eco-friendly, all natural chalk paint….yup, I was sceptical at first as well but Frenchic paint is entirely non toxic and is child and pet friendly, for me the best feature is that it is odour free! The event was held in a small event room in Soho’s Six Storeys and there was numerous open tins of paint and there was no paint smell at all, not a whiff!

To really discover the fab qualities of Frenchic paint we were invited to paint our very own wooden bird houses, I opted for Stormy which is a blue grey, we were only suppose to paint the roof but after making a mess of it I made a little nuisance of myself and painted the entire thing. The paint brushes were Frenchic’s very own Italian handcrafted brushes made with a combination of synthetic and natural bristles, this allows you to use the littlest bit of paint cover a large area and provides smooth finish no matter what direction you paint.

With a prosecco in one hand and a paint brush in the other I was in my element, it was incredibly therapeutic. Once I had finished painting my little bird house was already semi dry, the lovely ladies from frenchic sped it along with a hair drying and then I moved to the crackling.

Do remember the nail craze wear the nail varnish would separate leaving a cracked effect? This is exactly that. If you are up cycling furniture but want that vintage shabby effect this is your go to product. Incredibly easy to use, you chose two colours one dark and one light, you paint the darker colour first and then once dry you add a coat of the easy crackle, allow that to dry (which honestly doesn’t take long) and then apply your lighter colour. The amount of paint you use will determine the intensity of the crackle, the more paint you use the deeper the crack and the less paint you use will result in a finer crackle.

The final table was about Decoupage, this really reminded me a little of paper mache. Decoupage is the application of decorated tissue (which can be bought cheaply on eBay, just search decoupage napkins) with Frenchic’s finishing coat, see below.

Once the finishing coat has dried you just gently sand the excess (if any) off. I love the decoupage as it genuinely gave my little bird house a colourful touch without having the skills of an artist.

During my time at the event I was greatly impressed by the projects the frenchic ladies had shown me, one lady had re-painted an old black leather chair a vintage blue and had finished with Frenchic’s soft wax which left the chair looking brand new, the wax softed and sealed the paint to leather the leather feel and you would not have believed that it was paint.

If you have old furniture at home that you’ve considered throwing,don’t just head over to frenchic, stock up on the colours and brushes you need and you can upcycle the furniture with no skill required.

For fab ideas and inspiration I highly recommend joining their facebook group, just search up fabric and hit join.

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