Getting my glow on…

The fake tan industry is huge, there are so many tanning brands out there you genuinely have to think “What makes you different?”, how is this brand any different from the other 6 brands on this shelf?

Usually I don’t bother too much with tanning, I am so pale with sensitive skin it just never goes right for me, I either end up coming out orange or patchy, I can’t even get a real tan I just freckle and burn! When the opportunity came up to review a self tanning lotion I thought I would use this to try and dip my toe back into the world tanning and golden glows.

Lusso Tan self tan lotion, an organic tanning lotion that contains no parabens, is fragrance free and is packed with the super skin friendly Vitamin A & E. On the bottle it claims that is “streak free & swift drying” and the tanning formula is hydrating and can last up to 7 days.

I have used the Lusso self tanning lotion twice now, and I must admit I love it but I also hate it. The liquid is incredibly gloopy and loves to escape it’s squeeze tube with a screw on lid home, my bathroom has been destroyed. I have always maintained that if I haven’t got anything positive to say about a product then I won’t feature it, but this tan has me all kinds of confused because after the second use I’ve got used to the tanned look and I am actually starting to love it. The lotion did indeed dry quickly and streak free, and my skin felt so soft after using it BUT the packaging is not practical, I kinda feel it should come in a pump bottle as, as soon as you take the lid off, the lotion makes a bid for freedom and although it states it’s perfume free, I wish it did have a nicer smell to it as the day after application, I stunk of fake tan.

Along with the lotion I was sent the Lusso flawless tanning mitt, an extremely soft velvet mitt that helps provide a flawless application. The very first time I used the mitt the lotion couldn’t sit on it, when I closed my hand to spread the lotion out on the mitt, the lotion genuinely squirted out and up my poor mothers pale grey bathroom wall, it now has the addition of a purple/red stain. I know i’m not selling this product so well at the moment but read on.

It’s a well known fact that when applying tanning lotion you have to prep your skin first so on a Sunday night I ran myself a nice hot bath (with far too many bubbles) and had a good soak and then an exfoliate. Once I was out of the bath and all dried up I applied a little moisturiser my elbows, knees and feet, these are the killer areas for dry skin that soak up more tan making them super orange. So I’m all clean and moisturised and I start to apply the self tanning lotion in upwards strokes with the mitt, using the mitt to blend out any lines that may form. I used the tan left on the mitt to go over my wrists and feet as I don’t want them to go orange and I made a swift wipe over my face as the lotion can be used on the face and body, within 5 – 10 minutes the tan had fully dried and I was in my PJ’s. As I’m very pale it took a little while to get used to the tan but after a day it grew on me, the only patchy part was my hands where I had washed them after but other than that I had a flawless glow.

Overall rating? 7/10 – the tan does last a week and it genuinely looks like I’ve been on a fabulous tropical holiday but for me the packaging and smell let it down. Little for me.

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