Beauty: one week, three new foundations

“May your foundation match your neck, Concealer be creaseless and winged eyeliner be sharp. Amen.”

For thirteen years I suffered with acne which meant I struggled to find that perfect foundation that didn’t irritate my skin or look caked on, until I found Garnier oil free BB cream. I have been wearing Garnier’s BB cream for a couple years now and it has been perfect for me, it provides the perfect coverage, moisture and didn’t irritate my acne. After two courses of Ruaccutane my acne cleared up so I switched to their normal skin BB blur cream and I have recently run out! So I thought I would step back into the world of foundation, I tried out three different foundations from L’Oréal’s Pro Glow, Urban Decay’s One & Done & Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation.

L’Oréal’s Infallible Pro Glow has only just come over to the UK after only being available in America but you can only buy pro glow from L’Oréal’s official website and amazon for £11.99. Available in 12 shades I selected the classic ivory as I have a very pale complexion, whilst the bottle has sunscreen instructions and can’t actual seem to find on the bottle that it has SPF so I would recommend using a spf under this foundation.

The foundation is creamy in texture, has medium coverage and is hydrating for Normal to dry skin. They claim the foundation can last for 24 hours but I disagree, I found after a full days wear the foundation caked clinging onto any bumps and acne scars, the foundation transferred off onto my glasses and phone so I found that this foundation was only best worn for an evening out or a few hours at most. I paired this foundation with the infallible pore refining primer which also claims to be hydrating and locks make up, again best only for a few hours but not an entire day.

What it did deliver on was the glow, after application my skin looked flawless and glowing! I will continue to use this foundation for nights out but not my everyday choice!

Next up is Charlotte Tilbury’s magic foundation, higher up in the price range at £32 but for me it lived up to the hype and it’s name, it provides full coverage providing a soft, flawless finish. As with the pro glow the magic foundation is available in 12 shades and unlike the pro glow it’s printed on the bottle that it has a SPF of 15, as the skin on our face is sensitive I would still recommend using a high SPF under the foundation. I selected shade 2 in fair and it blends perfectly so my face and neck matches. It lasts all day and remains flawless.

Urban Decay’s Naked Skin One & Done is actually a recent purchase of my sisters, it’s UD answer to the B.B. cream and hands down I love it, a tinted moisturiser that can be worn on its own or under a foundation but the coverage is fantastic enough to be worn alone. It’s very light and allows my skin to breathe and leaves my skin with a lovely complexion. Again a little high up on the price range at £28 compared My my trusty £11 B.B. cream from Garnier but it’s worth every penny.

Out of the three foundations I loved UD’s naked skin One & done, I am going to purchase it as my everyday foundation and Charlotte Tilbury’s magic foundation for more social events, the Pro Glow was a little disappointing compared to the other two but I will keep it in the make up box for nights out as it does give my skin a great glow.

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