Hackney Coffee Co.

Last Wednesday I visited the Hackney coffee company to sample their new cocktail menu. I left my comfort zone of South East London and travelled North of the river to Hackney, a town that adds to Londons diversity and culture.

It was quite a long journey to get to Hackney Coffee Co, I made my way to Cannon Street, explored the maze that is Bank and eventually arrived at Bethnal Green where I faced a ten to fifteen minute walk.

To keep me company my closest friend and fellow blogger Tanya met me there, I had unfortunately had a ditzy moment and thought she finished work half an hour later than she actually did so she arrived before me where she was seated and given a glass bottle of water and a glass whilst she waited for me to arrive, again I’m very sorry, fortunately she didn’t have too long a wait for me.

The Hackney Coffee Company is owned by two brother Jon and James, unfortunately neither were present during my visit so I was unable to meet them but I was warmly welcomed by Quinton & Kris, Quinton took me on a short tour of the coffee house as they had recently renovated and expanded.

The interior styling was exquisite, it had a very dark rustic theme, the skylight and plants gave the coffee house the perfect amount of light and freshness. I loved the Mahogany leather chairs, when I arrived I insisted we move the comfort the sofa whilst we caught up and discussed the interior. We found the choice of art very interesting it fitted very well with the interior styling , some where monochrome whilst others where bright and eye catching and if I remember rightly there may also be a small banksey hung up.

Once we had caught up with each other and settled we headed to the bar to order our cocktails, the cocktails menu was unique and pushed you a little out of your comfort zone to try new things, not to say they were out of this world random, they’re just not the popular cocktails you would find in most bars. The only cocktail recognisable was the Espresso Martini, which is understandable, can’t be a coffee house and not feature at least one coffee inspired cocktail. My first choice was the coconut which had El Dorado, Aluna coconut vodka, Velvet Falernum, Lime and pineapple Juice, Tanya decided on the Rose.

Both of the cocktails we selected were very good, Quinton had made an Espresso Martini but with sherry and brought it over for us to try, I liked it but the coffee was very over powering, I only managed to drink half of it before asking for a Mocha before I made the long journey home. I love coffee but my go to will always be a Mocha, the beautiful combination of hot chocolate and coffee, what’s not to love! so I couldn’t leave without having a mocha first and Kris did a beautiful job.

If you ever find yourself in Hackney why not pop in and check them out? I full recommend for social outings our even if your in needs of an open space to work with good coffee and cocktails!

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