Review: treat yourself with PinkParcel!

Let’s talk about periods, yes, that one week of the month where we are crippled with cramps, ride the emotional rollercoaster, balloon up and eat our weight in junk food all so Mother Nature can say “NOT PREGNANT”…I’d rather a letter!

I’m unsure why but there’s this stigma around periods that it’s embarrassing to talk about, why do I feel embarrassed to be seen buying tampons or pads? It’s a natural thing that every woman goes through, my whole attitude regarding embarrassment and periods changed when I attended a blogging event and met a guy who’s very first sentence was “Ladies, let’s talk about periods” after the initial shock and he continued to discuss the campaign his company were promoting I felt relaxed in discussing my period and I have held on to that confidence.

We’re feeling rubbish, so we dig out the chocolate, the hot water bottle, a face mask and our favourite Disney film (or is that just me?) to make ourselves feel a little better, and that is where PinkParcel come in.

PinkParcel is a genius subscription service, once a month the beautiful brains at PinkParcel gather together your monthly essentials, the liners, pads and tampons neatly packaged into three sections, for now, for later and for night-time. ‘For now’ is a adorable pink polka dot bag that comes packed with liners and tampons, perfect to throw into the handbag for the changeover breaks and emergencies. For later contains your pads and the for nights holds your night time pads (never sleep with tampons in), essentials sorted you’ve got the ‘for you’ box. For their March box they chose the international women’s day theme (of course) supporting the press for progress campaign.

The ‘for you box’ contains lifestyle and beauty products carefully selected by the PinkParcel team, March’s box contains 7 products, a little bag of ape snacks & English Rose Tea from Whittards of Chelsea.

Puckr Up lip plumper, this is a tiny pot of miracles, as someone who previously thought I had no need for a lip plumper I LOVE the effect Puckr Up has on me.

Dr Botanicals facial oil (of dreams) I have genuinely wanted to try this rose superfood facial oil for a while as I’ve read such great reviews and it hasn’t disappointed! it smells incredible and leaves my skin incredibly soft, I use it every evening.

Next up is Jelly Pong Pongs Super Matte Lipstick in a bold red. This is an amazing pick, it lasts all day and keeps my lips hydrated and has a beautiful fruity scent.

The last two products are Balance me Hyaluronic plumping mist, admittedly I’m not a huge fan of Balance me products and unfortunately this hasn’t won me over, and lastly is Optiat coffee scrub in peppermint, admittedly I haven’t used this yet.

Overall I am incredibly impressed with PinkParcel, it trumps all other subscriptions boxes as it’s actually useful, you can select your period products and delivery dates so it can arrive right on time for your period, if your regular anyway, and for just £12.99 with free delivery you really can’t complain, the facial oil alone is 39.99 and the lipstick from jelly pong pong is worth $22 so you’re defiantly getting more than your moneys worth. When I received my box I filmed the unboxing on my insta stories, head over to my Instagram and look for the ‘PinkParcel’ story!

If you would like to give PinkParcel a try why not start with 20% off using the discount code ‘PP20’ !


23 thoughts

  1. I totally agree, we should all come to a point where we no longer view periods as a hush hush topic both men and women alike. Pinkparcel has come up with this really innovative way to make it better and this is just really great, I would recommend this to every woman in my life still going through the monthly periods.

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  2. I love the sound of these boxes, they are such a good idea because it is a little pick me up when you are feeling really yuck at that time of the month, it looks like you get some really good products too!

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  3. I like that you get such a variety of products inside the box. The lipstick would be my favorite, I love the bold color. The coffee scrub does sound very good as well, for when taking a relaxing bath.

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  4. This is such a good idea! I now am in the battle against endo, so I’m taking medication to skip my periods, I’ve been period-free for the past 8 months. i don’t miss it at all! LOL however, in case I stop the treatment I would love to try this subscription box!

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  5. Oh, thanks for the coupon. I like the presentation and what they had for March. Seems like subbing is worth it, I wonder what they have for May. A summer-Spring box would be ideal.

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