Interior Design: Desk Goals

Since the launch of this blog it has continued to grow strength to strength, it has introduced me to a whole new chapter of my life, opening many doors to new experiences and people. I know it has been a couple weeks since my last post and the reason for this is due to transferring my blog from weebly to WordPress, a decision I haven’t quite decided if it was a good one or not! Silly Abi didn’t do her research before paying for a WordPress plan, I wasn’t aware WordPress was unable to host domains so I have had to Map my domain from weebly, not ideal, my domain is due for renewal in June so I have to make the decision to renew the and continue to map it or buy a .com and lose my DA score which I have spent the past year and a half building, decisions, decisions!!

Anyway, todays post is about desks, as my blog is growing, I’m growing with it, I’d like to think my content improves with me. I am also a content creator for my work alongside my administrative tasks, I write blog posts and manage 6 social media accounts for the one business (it has two sister companies). Being based in a showroom makes content creation very hard as I still have to answer the phones and attend to visitors, I could be mid chain of thought whilst writing and the phone would ring, once that telephone conversation was over I wold have lost my chain of thought and forget where I was or the focus I was writing about. To solve this I would LOVE to have a little home office in the corner of my bedroom, I haven’t got a particularly large room so it would be a rather small desk but it would allow me to work at home distraction free to create content for both my work and my blog.

I am currently preparing my room to be redecorated with a pale grey wallpaper that has a blossom print on it so my room is going to have a white, grey and blush pink theme so I have been on Pinterest seeking inspiration for my little corner desk. I want a white corner desk where one side wold be a working area and the other side be a vanity area with a mirror so I can easily put my face on in the mornings. Below I have posted my top five home office inspo pictures I have found.

I am in love with the idea of having a white corner desk with floating shelves above, they add style and organisation to the corner so this is something I will consider moving forward!

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