Unconventional Valentine’s ideas to remember

Flowers, chocolate, promises made – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and every store window is reminding you of that fact. The problem with Valentine’s Day (other than the restaurant mark-up just for one day) is that it’s become repetitive. Sweet cards, chocolates in heart shaped boxes, red and pink roses and tulips in hand-tied bouquets gets a little boring after a while, doesn’t it? Whether you are the giver or the recipient, Valentine’s Day has become dull.

The answer is to stop being so predictable! Flowers and chocolates are lovely gifts, but if you’ve run out of ideas then it’s time to get a little quirky and figure out how to surprise your beau with a little mystery and adventure and a lot of surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily telling you to show up at your Valentine’s night with fresh nipple piercings and a rose between your teeth. We’re saying that you need to think outside the box, away from the conventional presents that everyone seems to favour. Move away from the heart balloons and check out the ideas below:

Go Cultural.

You could do the ultimate in surprises and present plane tickets to your love somewhere in their world that Valentine’s is celebrated a little differently. Heading to Japan would see you giving your bloke a box of chocolates, plus you get to visit somewhere entirely new. Seeing love in another culture can be eye-opening!

Be A Tourist.

Head to your own capital and be a tourist as a couple for a day. It doesn’t matter if you commute into work every day, you need to pretend – and the fun is in discovery. Have fun at the local attractions together and have a meal in a restaurant that you’ve never set foot in. Put the phone down and see each other for a change.

Group Date.

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about couple-y mushiness, but that’s nauseating to some couples. Grab some friends, chocolates and wine and have fun playing board games and eating fingers foods. Alternatively, get on the games consoles and have a tournament on Mario Kart. The day of love can be about friendship, too!

Change Date.

Valentine’s Day gets commercialised by pretty much every single food joint and store in town: from lingerie to lamb chops, the markup is huge! So, change the day. Boycott the 14th of the month and go for a life-changing linguine the next day. You’ll save money, and the pasta will still taste the same.

Bouquet Battles.

Most girls like flowers, but d’you know what else they like? Lollipops. Cash. Bath bombs. And any one of these can be turned into a bouquet. Flowers die, but cash is appreciated and turned into shoes. Remember that!

Whether you’re a V-Day fan or not, you can still get your celebration shoes on and get stepping into these ideas. You could change the entire day for you and your partner, and really make it one to remember.

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