Getting Lucky with Superdrug

Let’s face it, lube is probably the most under-rated tool in the bedroom, Superdrug have recently launched their own lube range with an epic sense of humour! They kindly sent me two bottles with the hilarious branding of “hide the sausage” and “hanky panky ”, the bottles have a pump top so the product itself is easily accessible, and the lubricant itself is not fragranced (to avoid irritations) and not overly sticky.

Lube is the most important tool, after condoms of course, in our sex lives. It’s a very common occurrence for some women not able to self lube enough to fully enjoy sex, if we haven’t self-lubricated enough sex can be incredibly uncomfortable, causing rubbing and tears which leaves you with a bigger risk of contracting infections, STI’s and not to mention a painful experience, and sex should be very enjoyable for both parties involved!

When choosing lube you need to ensure it is condom friendly, using products such as KY Jelly, Vaseline or even body lotion (yes there are those out there using body lotion for a bit of self loving, not a wise choice by the way!) can compromise condoms causing them to split. Superdrug’s Light lube can be used with condoms and is entirely safe to use.

Inject a little humour into the bedroom and pick up one of Superdrug’s euphemism light lube’s costing just £3.99, other slogans include “The no pants dance”, “getting lucky” & “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo”.

*Product was gifted in return for a review.

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