The Festive Gift Guide: The Gift of pampering with Grace & Stella

The second chapter of my festive gift guide features Grace & Stella

Founded in 2015 Grace & Stella is a beauty brand that allows the everyday person to experience spa quality products in the comfort of their own home and at affordable prices, making prefect little gifts!

I am currently using three products from Grace & Stella, the Shea butter body lotion, the rescue me hair mask and activated charcoal powder for my teeth, the perfect pamper combination and with all products a little goes a very long way!

I use the Shea butter body lotion after I shower, it sinks it quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue like some lotions, it doesn’t have a over powering smell either, 100% organic and cruelty free leaving me with guilt free soft skin!. In a handy pump dispenser and a quirky tag line of “your my butter half” it looks cute on the shelf, currently available on Amazon for £13.99 for a very decent 450g bottle which trust me will last a while!

Whilst I like the Rescue me Hair mask I must stress that it should only be used on the special occasion for the shine boost due to the single ingredient, Dimethicone, a silicone commonly used in a lot of beauty products, it’s a great way to seal in hydration but it’s not easily washed out and too much can cause build up leaving your hair feeling dull and weighed down, hence the special occasion boost for when you want your hair to have that healthy shine! Available on Amazon for £12.99 for a 300g pot.

A firm favourite with the influencer crowd, Activated coconut charcoal powder for teeth whitening, whilst using the product is not an enjoyable task the end results are certainly worth it, just remember not to wear a white top! I made this mistake one morning before work and ended up having a last minute dash around to change my top! I stupidly forgot to take before and after photos whilst using the powder so I hope you can trust my word for it! After two weeks of use I have noticed my teeth have visibly brightened up! Being a smoker, coffee drinker and red wine fan I don’t have the brightest of white teeth but I have noticed the staining lifting and I feel with continued use the stains will continue to fade! Available on Amazon for £9.99 for 70g pot that will last you for up to 8 months!

Don’t spend a fortune in Boots on pamper sets, save money and purchase Grace & Stella products that have amazing quality products at purse friendly prices that will last months!

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