Interior Design: Decorating Plans

One of my resolutions for 2018 is to finally transform my dining room bedroom, in to my own bedroom, my space. The plans I have for the room is quite a drastic change and will take a few months to complete as it’s not going to be cheap! In this post I will be sharing with you my bedroom Wishlist!

Let’s start with the walls, working in interiors I have noticed the pale grey is the “in” colour for interior design this year so I am planning on having 3 pale grey walls and one feature wall.


Graham & Brown are interior royalty in the wallpaper world, I’ve been fortunate to meet the Graham family personally at two events last year, the first meeting at the pop up restaurant event hosted in the Graham & Brown pop up exhibit in London and the second time at the launch party of the Julian Macdonald range, where I even got to say hello to Julien himself! Such a fan girl moment for me, I was very fortune to be invited as Tanya’s plus one.

For the feature wall of my bedroom I have selected their Romantic Blossom Mural (above), it’s a fresh and beautiful backdrop that will compliment the pale grey walls planned for the rest of the room.

Currently I have a very old and battered pine wooden flooring, which I hate! The cold floor in the mornings is awful! I crave the feel of soft Carpent beneath my feet! In my head I’m really loving the idea of cream carpet…..a dangerous choice I know! I’ll have to put a shoe and dog ban in place! Apparently grey walls and white carpets is not a popular combination! I really struggled to find an image for reference, the below is the best I could find.

With the plans decided for the walls and floor, it’s time to think furniture and accessories! I am in need of a decent full length mirror! And how ideal is the mirror below from Argos?! Bring on payday already

With a new look, calls for a new light shade! The one I have currently has yellowed with age, fortunately grey is a versatile colour and matches perfectly with rose gold! Next up on the wish list is this simple but effective light shade! I like a lot of light and I’m not a fan of light shades that restrict and focus the light in one spot.

I could be here all day writing about my ideas and plans! But currently it’s 10pm on a Sunday night, I need to prepare for Monday! I am beyond excited to be decorating my room as I have never had this freedom before! I will certainly be taking you all on the transformation with me!

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