Dare I say it?….Christmas is coming

What happened to the 12 days of Christmas? It honestly feels like it just goes on for months, as soon as September arrives it’s planning Christmas parties and the shops explode with glitter and gift sets. Honestly I’m no Scrooge, Christmas is awesome, I’m all about the parties and food, I’m not overly fussed on gifts (soap and glory gift sets have become the new lynx sets? Or is that just me who feels that? Just no.)

As I’m getting older I just don’t see the point in spending a fortune on a gift set that will drop down to a fiver in the new year! I’m really one for thoughtful gifts, last year my ex got me an electric toothbrush (I was rather insulted tbh 1. What is he trying to say? And 2. What is thoughtful about a toothbrush?! I’m not ungrateful, I smiled and said Thank you) this year I won’t be doing the whole gift guide for him/her, I have teamed up with a few brands who’s products can make an ideal gift for friends and family, ranging from personalised gifts to the gift of pampering.

I apologise I haven’t been on form of late, I have been tackling health issues as well as having my phone stolen allowed my depression to swallow me up, but I’m bouncing back to form. I will be attending the Vuelio Blog Awards on the 24th, i can’t express how excited I am to have been invited.

That’s it for now! First of the festive gift ideas coming soon. P.S what do you think of my new logo?


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