Abi’s Valentine’s Inspo

Aahhh Valentine’s, another commercialised holiday where love hearts, foil balloons & chocolate rose lollipops are everywhere you look! In this day and age the idea that Valentine’s is only for men to spoil their special lady is Stone Age, remember ladies your guy has a soft spot and deserves to be treated! Don’t we scream for equality?

In this guide you will find gift and date ideas to celebrate Valentines for him & her!

1. It’s the little things…..

Admittedly this is stolen inspiration from my very own beau, romance is still very much alive! When I last went to visit my beau he brought me a mocha and a single rose when I woke up, when I eventually ventured out of bed I was greeted with the above. It was the most romantic thing anyone has done for me! It genuinely made my day, so this valentines be a little soppy and surprise your partner with breakfast and note, best thing about this idea, it doesn’t break the bank.

2. For the female magpie…

If your girl has a sparkle in her eye for jewellery the sure way to impress her this valentines would of course be Pandora, every year they bring out a brand new valentine’s range and this year they certainly don’t disappoint! Surprisingly, the prices aren’t outrageous, the dainty ring featured above is just £35. Now calm down, I’m not talking about engagements here, it is possible to gift your lady a ring to reflect your feelings for her, if your still not convinced be unique and get the Ivory leather bracelet and build her a charm collection that each charm reflects a memory ( also saves you the constant worry of gift ideas!)

3. The Male Magpie..

Jewellery isn’t just for women! There’s gents in the world who also have that sparkle for jewellery, now I know Pandora is for women but why not go for the matching black leather bracelet? The one above can’t be found on the Pandora website for whatever reason but I did find this one at John Greed Jewellery

4. Love me, feed me, never ever leave me…

This year Valentine’s clashes with pancake day so why not make dinner fun and bake together? Have a bake off, see who can make the best pancakes or at least not burn them? If pancakes aren’t for you why not make your own pizzas? Make it interesting and make the dough or cheat a little and buy the base ready made!

5. Let’s fly away…

Plan a trip away together, explore somewhere new and explore each other! Taking a break from reality to focus on each other can really benefit your relationship and your health! We all deserve a break now and then, use valentines as an excuse to get away together. Head over to wowcher to see what travel deals they have!

This post is dedicated to my soppy git, some of this post was inspired by him (and in no way hints!!) I’m not a materialistic gal but I’m very lucky to have him.

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