Flyte, the clean energy drink.

If, like me, you have joined the “new year, new me” crowd finding the motivation and energy to keep it up can be a tough one. The first mistake most people make is that they throw themselves head first into a healthy lifestyle, crash after a few weeks and most tend to give up as they feel defeated by lack of energy and motivation. Adapting to a healthier lifestyle takes time, you have to gradually ease yourself into a new routine as you need to adopt a new mindset and build up to the change, you can’t dive straight into a different lifestyle and expect your body and mind to keep up!

Would you believe me if I told you there was a healthier alternative to energy drinks? Despite it’s advertising Lucozade is not a healthy choice in liquid energy, it has 11 grams of sugar in a 250ml bottle, admittedly far better than the 32 grams of sugar before its recipe change in 2017 but still too much, for us females that’s around half of our sugar allowance in bottle!

Flyte energy drinks are a healthy alternative to our energy needs for whenever we need that extra boost, made from natural juices and extracts and has just 3 grams of sugar in a 330ml bottle. I have been drinking flyte energy drinks for around a month now and have found it to be the perfect replacement for my coffee cravings at work and the hungover red bull cravings! As with all energy boosters you do get a come down but with Flyte it’s not so hard hitting and drinking just the one bottle around lunch time keeps me refreshed and avoid tiring for a good few hours, giving me that energy I need to attend that kettlebell class I love and hate (30 minutes of torture! But such a good workout!)

Available in four flavours, red berry, green mango, citrus lemon & clementine orange, Flyte clean energy comes in a sleek glass bottle which in honesty i’m not a huge fan of, it makes them bulky and weighted to carry around but glass bottles are certainly more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles. The packaging design is modern and simple, states everything you need to know without the crazy amount of small print as they have nothing to hide! The caffeine in the drink comes from green coffee, green coffee comes from unroasted coffee beans and is known to aid weight loss and high blood pressure, it is a pure natural source of energy.

I work with a guy who is totally health focused, he watches everything he eats and drinks, always reading the labels and gets incredibly angry when I bring sugar based goodies into the office and he is sold on Flyte energy drinks! To learn more about Flyte I fully recommend visiting their website here

For a pack of 6 it is £12, working out £2 a bottle, too some that may seem a lot for a drink and to others ,like myself, it’s a reasonable price as your are paying for a quality, natural ingredient! I fully recommend trying the red berries and citrus lemon, my favs!

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