2017 Reflections & 2018 Resolutions

2017 has been a pretty awful year for me, I experienced the loss of my grandfather and my beloved muttly Tuscan, both have been very much missed over the Christmas period, I went through yet another break up and my failed attempt of living on my own, due to finances I had to return to my mothers. Whilst I can’t wait to see the back of 2017 I will say I did make some achievements!

• I left my horrid job in optics and found my ideal job as an administrator and social media manager for a small local company, I’ve never known such kind employers.

• I passed my theory test first time

• I lost weight returning to a healthy 8st 9 after being told I was over weight by my doctor at 10st

• my acne cleared up after a gruelling but successful course of roaccutane

• I successfully removed myself from Anti-depressants & my migraine medication, learning how to manage both without the aid of medication, not to say they’re a bad thing, both caused weight gain which made me unhappy.

• My blog has gone from strength to strength.

I know the whole “New year, New me” is very cliche but I want to spend 2018 focusing on a little self love, I want to grow as a person & achieve more so below is my wish list for 2018;

1 I want to be kinder. I want to make more of an effort to be kinder to others, my social anxiety has really taken over my life this year, it holds me back so much, sending the simplest message asking how someone is takes so much time for me to do as it scares me that I may be bothering that person.

2 I want to go out more. This year my social calendar has taken a right dive, I have rarely gone out with friends to enjoy an evening of dancing! I miss the wardrobe decisions, my poor heels are gathering dust! While i’m still in my twenties I want to get out more.

3 Make new friends. I don’t have many friends and the ones I did have are now moving on and leaving me behind, am I to blame? Partly yes, I’m so scared of rejection I never make an effort to arrange something. I’m very fortunate to have friends who understand what I’m like, such as Tanya, she knows I am always here for her, I will always pick up the phone should she ring or be by her side should she need me there but she also knows if she doesn’t hear from me for a few weeks, it’s not personal, I’m just going through my isolation stage which I dip in and out of too frequently.

4 Get in shape. Whilst I am now at a healthy weight my goal is to reach around 8st and tone up to flatten out my current Buddha belly!

5 I want to be a better Aunt. I haven’t seen my nieces and nephews at all this year, not through choice, for many reasons my brother doesn’t make it easy for me to see them, I always end up having to get multiple trains to visit them whilst he drives and could easily meet me half way so I could take the kids out for the day, I will badger my brother more to make this happen.

6 Make my current bedroom my own. When I first moved into my mothers dining room following a split from a boyfriend I lived with she made it clear that it was still her dining room so I was not allowed a double bed or my own furniture, 3 years on of course that has all changed so I am treating myself to a double bed with a Simba mattress, a large soft rug & more storage with a chest of drawers. Taking my finances into consideration, these will all have to be spread out over the year!

7 Get on the road. I’m determined to resume my driving lessons and pass my test this year! I want to have that freedom of knowing I can jump in the car and go wherever I wish without the hassle of planning public transport routes!

8 Make more of an effort with my appearance. I want to have my LVL lash treatment routinely, I may even consider treating myself to semi permanent eye liner as I’m awful at it! I want to experience my first wax as I’ve always been too scared to have it done, I also need to take greater care of my hair, I’m currently experiencing hair loss causing my hair to feel incredibly thin!

9 Not to obsess with my work. I allow myself to get over-stressed over my work, I set the bar far too high for myself and I end up taking that stress home with me, I want to learn how to switch off as soon as I leave my desk.

10 My final wish for 2018 is to be loved. A far fetched wish I know as love can’t be planned or forced but it’s been a very, very long time since I met someone who adores me for who I am, and for me to adore someone equally. Someone who’s not afraid of expressing their feelings and is very generous with hugs! Of course there are far more important qualities to look for but this isn’t a dating profile!

I may achieve some and some I may not but I can all but try and work hard as I’m firm believer in earning what I deserve, you have to persevere and work hard to achieve what you want and change.

Wishing you all a spectacular New Year, May 2018 bring you good health, good luck and happiness.

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