Mastering the subtle art of online shopping

Christmas is around the corner which means millions of people will hit the cyber highway looking for bargains. You just pick an engine of choice and search, right? It seems that way, but the process is far more complicated. Savvy shoppers need to make sure they get the best deal, the best products, and a snappy delivery service. Without them, Christmas may not be an enjoyable time of year this December. For the uninitiated, it’s essential to master the craft to save money and Xmas. The following tips will help you do that just in time for December 25th.

Don’t Take A Gamble

Retailers lower prices and offer promotions which are hard to believe around December time. These are deals which you should snap up with both hands. The ones to avoid are the catfish which take advantage of the festive season. Lots of sites try and step up and provide a service others can’t at Christmas. Yes, they may promise the world, but the odds are they won’t deliver. Any products or services which are essential shouldn’t get outsourced to a cowboy outfit.

Don’t Get Click Happy

Ever heard of the phrase jumping the gun? Too many online shoppers are the dictionary definition of the expression at Christmas time. Simply put, they see a deal and click the “proceed to checkout button” without a second glance. Taking your opportunities is vital, but you need to do some research first. Going with the first offer you see is a sure-fire way to miss out on better promotions. The key is to shop around and take your time. Only then can you be sure your parcels are the best possible items on the Web.

Do Try Before You Buy

What? How is that possible? Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible because digital images aren’t the real thing. However, stores such as Jaubalet Paris are taking the online experience to another level with their 3D wax prototypes. All you have to do is create or pick a piece of jewellery on their site and opt for the preview option. Jaubalet then moulds a sample which they send to your address for you to try. How modern! If this technology isn’t available, stores such as ASOS have an interactive video option which lets you see how the clothes look on a model. Never assume you can’t try before you buy online.

Do Haggle

Just because you don’t talk face to face doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate over the price. The trick is to get to grips with the subtleties of computer programming. For example, have you gone to the checkout only to abandon your cart? If so, you should have received an email a couple of days later. In this email, the retailer usually provides a discount code to lure you back. It may only be for free shipping but it’s a freebie nonetheless. Twitter is another way to haggle over the internet because most shops reply to DMs. Business Insider has more examples if you’re interested.

Anyone who says online shopping isn’t an art has never done it properly before.


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