The only person who controls your happiness is yourself.

The only person who controls your happiness is yourself, if you are unhappy, change it.

For the past few years I have been very unhappy, Work made me miserable and constantly triggered my migraines and I was living in my mum’s dining room, I was depressed. Until recently I plodded along, unhappy, and not doing a single thing about it, I had to be pushed over the edge to finally do something.

As you may know from previous posts I changed my job in April, I walked away from optics and walked into my perfect job, I honestly do love my job, my employers are amazing and I have awesome colleagues, the only downside is that I still have to deal with customers, sales is just not me, but I now work in interiors which I will slowly introduce to this blog.

Work life changed….tick! I thought that was all I needed and to an extent I was happy but it just wasn’t enough. Home life was stressful, I had no privacy, I had to deal with a dog I didn’t want around after he appeared just two weeks after my Tuscan passed and there was just never any peace, so with a major kick from my mum I scraped together my pennies and I have rented a room. The move itself was straightforward, my wonderful friends Sarah, Davey & their cousin Colin came and helped me! The only stressful part of it was the packing! You do not realise how much stuff you own until you have to pack it all!

My landlord is lovely, my room is comfortable and cosy, another piece of my jigsaw perfectly slotted, I am the happiest I have been for a very long time! For once I am not stressed, I am not ill and I am not hurting.

I am happy and it’s because of changes I made.

Do not go through life unhappy!

Pin point what is making you unhappy and CHANGE

Unhappy in your relationship.LEAVE

Unhappy at work….don’t just leave but hunt for the dream job, persevere and just don’t give up applying as you will get rejections. TRY

CHANGE and bring a bit more HAPPINESS into your life.

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