Review: Xtava Pro-Satin infrared flat irons

I feel like I’m cheating on my trusty Remington’s with this post, my Remington’s have been working magic on my hair for the past 9 years, yes you read that right, 9 years and they are still working their magic for curling my hair but my new straighteners from Xtava has taken over the straightening duties, and at the end of this post you will find a give away to win your very own!

Xtava pro- satin infrared flat irons are made for those blessed with thicker hair or the Annie’s of the world with their curls, Xtava has used infrared technology to lock in shine giving your hair that perfect sleek look, the plates are made from ceramic tourmaline meaning they glide through your hair like melting butter.

Tanya (GlamGlitzGloss) was blessed with very thick her so last Sunday she came over (living only 3 doors down!) and I straightened her hair whilst we reminisced our childhood and watched Sabrina The Teenage Witch. With Tanya’s hair being so thick and long it took me 25 minutes to straighten, if she was to do it herself she informed me it would take up to an hour.

The next day Tanya had messaged me to say that within 24hrs her hair resorted back to it’s waves, this is either due to the infrared heat OR the moisture spray I had used from Andrew Collinge’s CO range, which I have a feeling it was and too much of it! I have used the straighteners a few times now I haven’t experienced the same problem but my hair is a lot thinner than Tanya’s. Watch my video here!

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