My New Home Wishlist

In a weeks time I will be moving out of my mother’s, it’s all very exciting! And Since I have started working in a interior design related industry it’s hard not to develop an interest! So today I’ll be sharing with you my must have list for a new home.

1. Security

Whether you rent or own your own home, security should be your first port of call, well I know it’s the first thing I think about! I live in an area with a high crime rate with break ins. So what would be my choice to protect my home? The Panasonic Motion Sensor is part of the safety kit, the sensor detects movement and can alert you via your smart phone, sounding alarms & activating the safety hub. The ideal & inexpensive way of protecting your home. *Sponsored Link*

2. Dress the Windows!

A lot of homes forget how important it is to dress windows, an increasingly popular way is Plantation Shutters, also known as Shutters blinds. Plantation shutters not only smarten the appearance of your home inside and out, they add an extra level of security and restrict and allow as much light in as you want. Being bespoke products you have full control over the material, style and colour! Check out The Shutter Studio to learn more.

3. Bedroom Interior style

Other than the Kitchen my bedroom is the important room to me, it’s where you recharge and create memories, the bedroom must be to my taste, spacious and comfortable, so what is my taste? I am a huge fan of French inspired interiors! Click here to see my French inspired bedroom Pinterest board!

4. storage!

Every girls dream is to have that ultimate walk in wardrobe! My ideal wardrobe would pretty much be a room itself with a section for each style of clothing, dresses, top, jeans etc. I love clothes and have far too many shoes, storage has always been a slight problem..



That’s it for now as it is currently 1.45am and I have work in the morning……I never promised I was a perfect blogger! I hope you find some inspiration from my wish list! Wish me luck with my move next week!

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