Life is a song, sing it!

Music means a lot of things to us, for some its life, others solace and for me escape. I love to escape into music, I listen to music on my way to and from work and every night before bed, I don’t do my poor ears any good though! I love to have my music LOUD I want to be able to hear every layer, every beat. Recently I was kindly gifted headphones from Ailihen, Ailihen is a brand who strives to deliver quality at an affordable price, and they deliver. The Ailihen I60 bass headphones are lightweight and foldable, they have memory foam padding so they are extremely comfortable to wear. The sound is crystal clear and the bass level is perfect, I find with bass focused headphones that they can over do it! You can purchase the headphones on Amazon here for £12.98

So what do I listen to?! I have the most random taste in music so I’m going to pop my Spotify playlist on random and share with you the first 5 songs that come up!

1 . Micheal Jackson – Earth song

2. The Kinks – All day and All of the Night

3. Black eyed peas – Now Generation

4. Beyoncé – Love on Top

5. Lady Gaga – Born this way

What does music mean to you?

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