Finding the right bra with Hunkemöller

When it comes to our underwear there’s many different types of people, there’s the ones that have to match no matter what, some who love the slogan pants (I do love my sponge bob no pants knickers!) and the ones who spend a fortune to feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel. Personally on a normal day I really don’t care if I match but I am also a girl who has the odd lacy number for those special occasions…..when I say special occasions I mean those days where I need perking up…it’s amazing how happy a lacy bra can make a girl feel!

On a serious note us ladies need to ensure we wear the right size and style! We are all guilty of wearing the wrong bra, we’ve all experienced the too tight straps or for some the annoyance of loose straps, the back bulge, the back pain and….. the dreaded boob sweat. Wearing the correct bra can help us avoid the nasties, Hunkemöller has the tools you need to choose that perfect fit bra!

Hunkemoller is a beautiful international lingerie brand that focuses on creating beautiful lingerie for women of all sizes at affordable prices. I was given the opportunity to experience using their online sizing tools to find my perfect fit bra, I would love to tell you….it works….did I choose my advised style….no BUT I did choose a rather Lacey number in trend with it’s caged style.

So what was my ideal size? to use these tools you will need to own a tape measure.

Once you have found your size I would recommend using their sexy shapes tool to find that perfect style for you.

The bra I chose was was incredibly comfortable but also made me feel very sexy, less so when I was trying to figure out the 6 adjustable straps!

What’s your ideal bra?

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