Desk Snacking with Light Bites

I don’t know about you but when I’m at work the need to snack is unreal, I craaaaave sugar! In my last job you could always guarantee that there would be some form of sweets or cake in the office, the manager there used sweets and cake as an incentive to work hard to reach targets, personally I think that’s a pretty poor way of managing, you shouldn’t have to bribe and reward as you would children.

In my new office I work with very health focused people, they watch their sugar in take, they talk gym and eat chicken, rice and protein bars, it makes me very conscious of what I eat! Which is not a complaint. Sitting at a desk all day with little exercise I NEED to watch what I eat otherwise I’ll just gain weight like there’s no tomorrow, so recently I was sent the Light Bite range to sample and use as my desk snacks!

The light bite range are low calorie, healthy snacks that’s available as Bars, Popped Chips & Fruit Chips, currently on offer for 3 for 2. Out of the entire range my favourites are the Mango and vanilla yogurt chips, the quinoa, honey & pumpkin seeds bar and the pesto and sun dried tomato popped chips ( as they taste like pizza!). Although they are small in portion and calories they fulfil that snacking need, they are very tasty and curbs the sweet tooth! I am a huge fan of the range and have slowly got those around me hooked!

Be sensible with your desk Snacking!

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