For a while now my weight has been really pulling my mood down, it’s affecting my confidence and bras are getting expensive! As you can see from the above photos I used to be quite the gym bunny, I was a size 6/8 and I was happy, until the migraines became unbearable. I suffer retinal migraines and I didn’t seek medical help, I had a full on break down which led to 3 months off work, I kept passing out in the gym and personal destruction at my own hands, finally I went to my GP and was put on a variety of pills for the migraines and depression, unfortunately the side effects was weight gain, I blew up to a size 14 and it’s dragging me down.

The only way forward in life is to change things that make us unhappy, I’m now no longer on the migraine medication and anti-depressants, very much against my doctors advice, stupid you’re probably thinking? I have found ways to manage my depression and try to avoid things I know what triggers my migraines such as bright and flashing lights & high levels of stress. I have rejoined the gym & ordered a weight loss bundle from Cute Nutrition, I have cut down my coffee to just the one a day with 1 sugar, I have cut out all sugary drinks and replaced them with green tea and water & I have taken to meal planning, cutting out processed food, basically replacing the bad with the good.

Currently at 9 st 8lbs, according to my BMI my ideal weight is 8 St so wish me luck and I’ll keep you updated!


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