#bloggersfestival 2017

A year has flown by and I attended the #bloggersfestival for the second time, organised by super blogger herself Scarlett London at the Conrad hotel in London. With prosecco in hand and my good friend Tanya from GlamGlitzGloss we made our way through the room meeting the brands featured. I’m not going to write about all the brands we met but I will tell you about the brands who really stood out to me!

Bermuda Born

Bermuda Born founder, Patrice, was an incredibly Lovely lady, she handed us roses and told us about herself and her brand . The leather accessories were beautiful, designed with Bermuda in heart, I just fell in love with the beige hand bag.

Vieve Protein Water

PUT DOWN THE SMELLY PROTEIN SHAKER! PROTEIN WATER EXISTS! And it is delicious! If you drink or have drunk protein shakes you may at some point decided against using milk but couldn’t stand the taste with water……and that damn awful shaker smell if you don’t wash it out once you’ve finished! Your solution > Vieve Protein water contains 20g of protein, it is low calorie, sugar free & full of flavour. When I met Matt on the Vieve stand he had a challenge with Tanya, Tanya does not do healthy but after a good chat about Vieve and a shot of the Strawberry & Rhubarb we were SOLD, the stuff tasted good and Matt had won Tanya over.

Bear Hug Gifts

This had to be the cutest and most heart touching brand I have met. Started by the lovely Faye with the help of The Princes Trust bear hug gifts is a gift box service where you can send cute little gift boxes full of goodies to anyone you feel could do with a pick me up or “bear hug”! Faye got the idea for Bear Hug Gifts when a friend of hers had sent her a little package of goodies when her life had been turned upside down by Illness.


A guy walks up to you and says “let’s talk about periods!” You’d be lying to say you first reaction is shock, we, females, have been raised to believe that openly discussing our periods is embarrassing but why? We have no choice! I would love if Mother Nature could send me a post card once a month rather than her stamping on my ovaries causing me to rock at my desk in epic pain, looking like a bloated whale whilst eating my weight in junk food. TOTM provide chemical free sanitary solutions, and the rep was a very charming guy who had no problem what so ever talking about vaginas (in a positive way!) and periods, it was REFRESHING.

Overall I had a fab time, it was needed after a gruelling week of packing for my move!

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