Where have I been??

The sun is out and I am currently sat in my garden soaking up the rays! Yes, you read right, I am sat sunbathing in my garden….in April, I doubt we will have this sun for long so why not make the most of it. Yesterday was my last Saturday off before i start my new job! So tommy and I decided to make the most of it and go to the coast for the day, we decided to go to the little coastal town Broadstairs.

The best way I can describe Broadstairs is that it is a beautiful town in a cove. The beach has golden sand, as this is England the sea isn’t quite blue but the sky blended in to the sea so you couldn’t tell where the sea ended and where the sky started. There wasn’t an overload of sweet and gift shops but there was a fair few restaurants and one small amusements arcade. There is a small pier but not the kind of pier you’d find in Brighton this once is solely for the sailing club and lifeguards, as we walked around it there were three gentlemen on the roof with radios communication with the small boats out in the sea. We spent a good part of the afternoon just taking in the views, walking along the sea front, we had taken a cheeky beer each and sat on a bench looking over the beach and enjoyed the views. Eventually getting peckish we found a little fish and chips shop where I had small cod and chips, how could I not! And it was worth it, the fish as incredibly fresh and tasty.

Where have I been?? On the 8th of March my grandfather passed away, I did post about this being a reason to a blogging break but on reflection I decided to take it down and publish a Mother’s Day post with my recipe for strawberry daiquiri cakes, Did you make them? I’d love to hear from anyone who did!

Understandably this explains my absence, losing my grandfather was incredibly heart breaking for me, he was my ultimate teacher, if it wasn’t for him I doubt I would even have a creative side, he always encouraged my creativity, always bought me the finest art supplies such as water colour paints and pencils, oil crayons, easels and expensive papers. One of my fondest memories was when he sat with me one day and put swan lake on the TV, as it was performed he told me the story they were telling though their dance. He loved music, another fond memory was when he forced me to sit and listen to the pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack and watching him get lost in the music with his eyes closed made me smile.

My grandfather had a short battle with cancer, he suffered terribly not only with pain but with humiliation, he was a proud man and having to be looked after by nurses caused him more upset so when I received that dreaded text from my mother just saying “gone” I felt two things, heartbreak and a sense of relief for him, his pain and suffering was over, he is now at peace hopefully watching over us. The funeral was four weeks after his passing, it was hard, it felt like I grieved twice over, my grandfather wished to be cremated and had made his funeral wishes known to my Nan and my aunt and they did him proud. When the day came I thought I would be strong but as soon as the funeral cars arrived with the coffin, I broke along with my brother and my sister, my poor mum fell to pieces. The day saw many a tears fall but we all had a sit down Meal after and we enjoyed the food and laughed and remembered. We were all so lucky to have him as our husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, he left a part of him with all of us.

Going back to the start of the post I mentioned i have a new job! I start tomorrow and I am both excited and nervous! After two and a half years working as a optician rom tomorrow i will be working as a office administrator for a small but growing company. I am so excited to be joining their team and the thought of growing alongside the business but I am incredibly nervous with the typical anxious thoughts such as “what if I’m not what they expected? What if I’m useless? What if they don’t like me?!” These are the very small voices in the back of my head but equally I’m excited to get stuck into the work.

Wish me luck!

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