When The Sun Threatens To Burst Your Beauty Bubble, Here’s How To Boost It Instead

We all love the summer months. There’s nothing quite like the longer days and beautiful shining sun to put a smile on your face. However, it can also mean that you start to feel the negative effects too. Although there aren’t many, it’s hard to deny that the sun does cause havoc when it comes to beauty. Not only do you start to see that you have tired looking skin (thank you dehydration), but your makeup never lasts long enough, your hair starts to have a mind of its own, and your health can even suffer too. So, what can you do to stop it – or at least make it better?

Dry Skin

First up, we all often suffer from dry skin during the summer months. When the weather warms up a bit, and we’re out in the sun more, our skin gets dehydrated. When it does, your skin can both look and feel completely different. So, you may want to look into options like an oxygen facial at somewhere like Belgravia Clinic to rehydrate your skin. Or you could even look into using oils to add that much-needed nourishment back into your skin.

Brittle Nails

Then there’s always the damage that can be done to your nails. We don’t always see our nails are something that we need to protect, but they can be harmed by the sun in just the same way that our skin can. Yes, vitamin D from the sun can help your nails to grow quicker, but you can still get dry, brittle nails and fast. So, keep them protected. Some dark nail polishes will protect your nails from the sun and keep them from turning yellow after too much UVA exposure!

Chapped Lips

Just like your nails, you also need to keep your lips protected. While a small amount of sun is good for healthy skin, you can always go too far. And just like the rest of your skin can get dry, your lips can start to chap too. So, you’re going to want to keep the moisturised throughout the summer. A good lip balm should do the trick, so make sure that you carry one with you and reapply throughout the day to keep your lips in good shape.

Dull Skin

But, you’ve also got the rest of your skin to think about. Although you may a solid facial skincare routine down, what about your body? Do you look after the rest of your skin like your should? When your body starts to dry out in the sun, it can look dull. So, you’re going to want to buff away those dead skin cells by body brushing on a regular basis. And, it can also help to improve your circulation, so it’s a great step to add to your body skincare regime.

Dry Hair

And finally, there are the effects that the sun has on your hair. We all know that our hair is a lot dryer in summer, so it’s time to take action. Along with protecting it from the sun as much as you can, you need to be using a conditioning mask more regularly and using leave-in conditioners or oils to bring back the shine.

*collaborated post*

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